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My tasks in the Controlling Department include writing reports or the material master system. I particularly enjoy tasks in which I work in exchange with others. When doing calculations, for example, when determining manufacturing costs and sales prices, I’m in contact with the Sales Department, Product Development, the Purchasing Department and even colleagues from other companies in the KNF Group.

During my apprenticeship as an Industrial Management Assistant, it was already clear to me that numbers and Controlling were my strong points and that I wanted to apply these skills. Afterwards, I got an offer that was a great fit for me and I started in the Controlling Department straight away. Here, I was able to work independently from the word go as well as structure and work on my tasks in a way that suited me.

KNF is bringing my strengths and personality to the table.


I feel very happy here at KNF! Of course, my role is a big part of that, but it’s mainly down to my faithful and helpful colleagues. For me, that’s a great reason to continue to form part of the team here at KNF, despite the long commute.

Sandra Andris
Team Controlling

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