Laboratory Pump Technology With a Unique Design

KNF Laboratory Equipment is launching the next generation of the well proven Laboport range of pumps.

KNF presents the new series KNF Laboport pumps with a modern and creative new concept. The models N 96, N 820 G, and N 840 G have been redesigned to deliver their well-known, reliable performance in a striking reddot award winning design.

When we redesigned the Laboport series, our customers’ requirements always took centre stage. Their desires and needs concerning an efficient and reliable laboratory pump significantly influenced the further development of these tried-and-tested products. This resulted in a unique design concept that not only looks great, is space-saving and the elegant design provides considerable advantages in handling and functionality that will satisfy laboratory technicians around the world.


The N 96, N 820 G, and N 840 G have an aesthetically pleasing appearance that immediately impresses, the smooth rounded surfaces also make it possible to easily and thoroughly clean the product. The redesigned Laboport pump range allows for easy handling and efficiency, other key points to note are: a three-color status display (for operation, standby, and faults) and operating elements that are designed to be user friendly now make handling this equipment even more pleasant. An integrated gas ballast valve facilitates short process times, even for high-boiling solvents, and is incorporated into the pump head. The next generation Laboport pumps can also be expanded into custom-tailored vacuum systems if required, separators and/or condensers can be easily connected to the pump as modules. That makes it possible to master additional laboratory tasks cost-efficiently.


In addition to the aspects mentioned, the new laboratory pumps stand out above all thanks to their speed control and chemical resistance to aggressive, corrosive gases. The universal chemical resistance of this laboratory pump series allows users to utilize them reliably in a wide range of laboratory applications. The N 820 G & N 840 G are also ATEX compliant to (Ex) II 2/-G IIB+H2 T3 internal atmosphere only.

About KNF Laboratory Equipment:


KNF laboratory pumps, pump systems, and rotary evaporators are used in many applications in which chemical resistance and ease of operation are important. For over 25 years, KNF has produced intuitively operable pumps and systems to laboratories around the world. Our engineers work in close collaboration with laboratory scientists and technicians and ask specifically about their wishes and needs. They also have experts test the products and take their suggestions into consideration.