Component Pumps for Medical Ventilators

KNF's priority is the production of diaphragm pumps for medical equipment needed in critical applications such as ventilators, aspirators, and capnography (anesthesia).

Pumps for Clinical Diagnostics

Diaphragm Pumps for Ventilators

Liquid Pumps for Disinfection

Demands from global health care systems for solutions in diagnostics – molecular, in vitro, and Point of Care (POC), have reached a critical level due to spikes in cases of COVID-19. Medical equipment manufacturers rely on a trusted team of component suppliers, like KNF Neuberger, to provide expertise, products and the collaboration necessary to produce the finished goods. 
KNF diaphragm pumps are designed into medical equipment and therapy devices such as ventilators for treatment of patients in their fight against COVID-19.
KNF liquid diaphragm pumps are designed into many existing types of sterilization and disinfection equipment due to their strong chemical resistance and tolerance for aggressive fluids.

Gas Micro Diaphragm Pump Solutions

KNF micro pumps are perfect for portable, battery-operated medical device/diagnostic applications including: molecular diagnostics, therapy, inhaled Nitric Oxide (iNO) delivery, anesthesia monitoring, tissue sampling, and blood pressure gauges.  These products are extremely compact with a patented technology that guarantees high performance.   
Our full range of KNF micro pumps offer the following specifications:
- flow rate: < 0.050 up to 12+ l/min
- vacuum deeper than 28.4 inHg (50 mbar abs)
- pressure up to and over 43.5 psig (3 bar g)
- DC and BLDC motor options
- high efficiency (flow/wattage) for long battery life

All KNF pumps can be further customized to meet application requirements for space, motor control, mounting orientation, power, continuous vs. intermittent use and others.  Start a conversation with our engineers to discuss your needs. 

UN 838.1.2 KPDC-B
UN 838.1.2 KPDC-B

Gas Diaphragm Pumps and Compressors

These KNF diaphragm pumps offer high flow at pressure capabilities up to and above 60 PSIG. They perform well with vapors and condensation and are used in the fields of:
 - Diagnostics – disposal of sample waste, needle drying, general pneumatics
 - Therapy - ventilators, circulation assist, heart and lung therapies, nebulizer

The full line of KNF vacuum pumps and compressors offer performances from: 
- flow rate: up to 80 l/min
- vacuum deeper than 2 mbar abs
- pressure up to 101.5 psig (7 bar g)
- AC, DC and full-control Brushless DC motor options
- high efficiency (flow/wattage) for long battery life

All KNF pumps offer oil-free operation and are available with options for application requirements related to size, motor control, voltage, chemical resistance, safety, vibration, noise and temperature resistance. 
Start a conversation with our engineers to discuss the needs of your systems.

FP 150 KPDCB-4
FP 150 KPDCB-4

Liquid Diaphragm Pump Solutions

Diaphragm liquid pumps combine maximum performance with minimum size. The use of chemically-resistant materials enables the pumps to convey virtually any type of liquid, whether neutral or corrosive. They are dry-running, self-priming, maintenance free, and available with many different motor and hydraulic connection options. These features make the pumps ideal for medical device applications such as waste removal, cleaning,  sterilization, and disinfection. Additionally, these pumps are used in reagent and sample transfer for research and diagnostic equipment. Liquid pumps combine maximum performance with minimum size offering excellent reliability and contamination-free transfer.  KNF offers a product line of smooth flow and low pulsation liquid pumps.
The full line of KNF liquid diaphragm pumps offer performances from: 
- flow rate: <12 l/min
- suction height deeper than 17.5 inHg (6 mH2O)
- pressure up to 232 psig (16 bar g)
- DC and digitally-customizable Brushless DC motor options
- NSF-certified materials available 

KNF Modular Design

One size doesn’t fit all. The unique modular design of our solutions allows our engineers to design each pump from individually-customized components. We collaborate closely with our customers throughout the entire development process – from the initial idea to the final result ­– to create the smartest solution for each specific application.   Find out more about KNF's modular design.

Pumps for Medical Devices

When you're looking to bring your design to life, you need a trusted partner who understands your instrument's key design parameters and pump performance requirements. But where others see just a pump, we see a world of possibilities. It's why KNF's innovators collaborate with you to meet complex system specs, ensure application flexibility and exceed expectations for design challenges.

Count on our experienced Engineers to solve complex gas or liquid pump challenges - it's what makes KNF stand out from the rest. 
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