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Accessories Help Optimize Pump Performance

KNF offers a wide range of customizable gas and liquid diaphragm pumps. Accessories allow users to further tailor those pumps to their specific needs.

The KNF modular system features a wide range of customization options, allowing pumps to be tailored to specific applications. However, the fine-tuning does not stop once pumps are built. A variety of accessories are also available to add to pumps for even more specific and detailed customizations after pump production.

Why Add Pump Accessories?

Accessories are a cost-effective way to specifically tailor pumps to an application. They can be added to pumps relatively quickly and efficiently in situations where custom engineering is impractical or not feasible. Accessories help pumps achieve desired results, often with minimal or no negative impact.   


Pump accessories can improve pump performance in a few different ways. Some accessories directly impact flow or pulsation, while others are used for better and safer implementation into systems. Others are used to reduce noise or make pumps easier to use. Many accessories can actually help several of these factors. They are often a great choice for ensuring pumps meet more detailed, application-specific requirements

Optimizing Performance

Some accessories are designed to optimize specific aspects of pump performance. Pulsation dampers can reduce pulsation after the pump by up to 97% while reducing vibration in hoses or pipes. Pressure control valves can be used with both liquids and gases to relieve excessive pressure or control liquid flow. They can also improve pump accuracy. Filters provide additional protection for pumps, allowing for further defense against particulates and fibers. They are suitable for use with both gas and liquid pumps and appropriate for use with aggressive media.

Improving Implementation

Other accessories can help in the implementation of pumps within systems. There are a variety of mounting options, including suspension springs or rubber feet mounts. They provide different ways to incorporate pumps into individual systems while keeping them secure. For some pump models, mounting plates are also available. These plates hold pumps in place with screws, allowing for more versatility and safety within systems.

Reducing Noise

Noise is a critical factor in a lot of applications where pumps are necessary. While noise can be mitigated with a variety of design choices, accessories can also help make pumps quieter. In addition to making implementation easier, mounts can also reduce pump noise by mitigating vibration. Mufflers are also commonly used for noise reduction in gas pumps. These can be placed on pump inlets or outlets, suppressing sound as it travels through the flow path. Mufflers are extremely efficient at reducing noise, though they can impact flow performance in some situations. 

Mufflers, like the one pictured here, can help reduce pump noise. They are attached to the inlet or outlet to suppress sound as it travels through the flow path.
Mufflers, like the one pictured here, can help reduce pump noise. They are attached to the inlet or outlet to suppress sound as it travels through the flow path.

Scratching the Surface of Customization Options

These are just a few of the more common pump accessories. There are also a variety of gauges, electronic connectors and fittings available for specialized situations. Accessories are great and cost-effective options for pump customization. In most cases, they are relatively simple to install. The right accessory can make the difference between good and great pump performance.

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