Start Your Commercial Apprenticeship With KNF

Start Your Commercial Apprenticeship With KNF

Become a commercial apprentice (m/f/d) at KNF Neuberger AG

As an innovative, family-owned company with an international focus, we offer an exciting training program that fosters teamwork and responsibility.


Trusting cooperation and a family atmosphere are essential to us. This is reflected in our daily work as we continually support and encourage each other.


Discover the commercial training opportunities at KNF Neuberger AG.


Vocational School


You will be mentored by professional trainers who will share their experience and broad, up-to-date knowledge with you. From your first day on the job, you will be responsible for both small and larger tasks. In addition, you will gain a wide range of experience for your future career in various departments such as finance, purchasing and sales within our company.
At the vocational college, you will learn technical skills and deepen your general education. You can choose to complete the E profile or the M profile with a vocational baccalaureate. If you choose the vocational baccalaureate, we will of course support and encourage you to pave the way for your studies at a university of applied sciences. In the E-profile without a vocational baccalaureate, the compulsory part can be supplemented with electives.

Are you interested in an apprenticeship at KNF?
Follow these steps to find your ideal apprenticeship:
  • Written application for a trial apprenticeship 
  • If eligible, one-day trial apprenticeship 
  • Written application for apprenticeship 
  • If suitable, signing of apprenticeship contract

Have We Sparked Your Interest?

Your application brings you one step closer to a commercial apprenticeship in the KNF family.

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Apply now for an apprenticeship at KNF Neuberger AG!
Apply now for an apprenticeship at KNF Neuberger AG!
Apply now for an apprenticeship at KNF Neuberger AG!

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