Introducing the N 630 EX

New explosion-proof pump

KNF developed its first Ex pump series in the 1970s, the N 143 Ex and N 186 Ex. Both have now been replaced by the N 630 Ex series, which offers impressive performance and a range of useful features.

KNF has now made a flow rate of up to 68 l/min possible with its new N 630 Ex diaphragm gas pump series. At up to 9 bar rel., the maximum positive pressure has been significantly improved, while the ultimate vacuum now lies at up to 25 mbar abs.

The N 630 Ex is available with either one or two heads and a serial or parallel connecting system as a vacuum pump or compressor. All four versions are outfitted with PTFE-coated diaphragms as standard, while EPDM is also available. The redesigned diaphragm is now even more durable, offering an extended service life. When the pump is used for the standard purpose of monitoring processes and measuring emissions, users will enjoy significantly lower maintenance requirements and costs as a result. The motor offers IP55 protection, can be used with 50 and 60 Hz and is designed to be operated with a frequency converter. The standard-model pump is designed with a permanently attached base. Combined with Schwingmetall shock absorbers, this ensures optimal isolation from vibration. The N 630 Ex fulfills the criteria for completed machinery pursuant to machinery directive 2006/42/EC and therefore comes with the CE marking. 

A heavy-duty eyelet can be attached using a pre-prepared screw thread to support the pump’s weight of up to 56.5 kg, so that users can position it exactly where it is needed.

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