Our Responsibility and Commitment During the Corona-Crisis

Statement from Martin Becker, CEO KNF Group

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world around us. Individuals and companies are forced to adapt quickly to everchanging circumstances. It is a challenging time in which cooperation and solidarity is more important than ever before. As individuals and as a company, we at KNF are doing everything in our power to help manage this unprecedented situation and to protect not only our loved ones but the most vulnerable.

Demands from global health care systems for solutions in diagnostics, treatment and therapy devices have reached a critical level due to spikes in cases of COVID-19. We want you to know that whilst protecting the wellbeing of our colleagues, we are committed to maintaining our production and logistics in order to fulfill our social responsibility.


We feel it is our duty to secure the supply of our diaphragm pumps to manufacturers of medical and laboratory equipment in this crisis to contribute to the health care of patients and their rapid recovery.

What measures are we taking as a company?

At KNF we have three top priorities since the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Protecting our employees and customers
  • Keeping our production operational
  • Securing our supply chain and logistics

This comes with great challenges and we have implemented safety precautions at all our locations and departments and implemented measures according to the WHO-recommendations. We follow hygienic standards; practice social distancing and wherever possible colleagues have moved to working remotely from home. In production we introduced additional measures, e.g. changing working hours, increasing shift work and building up safety screens. We need to ensure that our production of lifesaving components stays operational.


In order to react quickly and appropriately to changes in circumstances during this health crisis we are in close contact with colleagues, suppliers and customers worldwide. This is the only way to avoid bottlenecks in our supply chain, to save lives and preserve jobs in the long run.

Solidarity in times of crisis

As the KNF Group, we are not only a family business, but also consider ourselves a family that supports each other in this crisis. In this we also see ourselves responsible to our customers and business partners. In our more than 70-year corporate history, we have navigated numerous crises together with you and we will not let our commitment diminish, even in the face of a pandemic.


We firmly believe that together we will be able to face this challenge. As individuals, as a company, as business partners. We must now all pull together and make the best contribution we can to overcome this unprecedented crisis. We are committed to our social responsibility. Together we are strong.

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