Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct defines basic requirements concerning KNF’s responsibilities towards its stakeholders and the environment. KNF reserves the right to change the requirements of the Code within reason due to changes in the overall KNF compliance program and other business practices.

Scope of Application

This Code of Conduct is applicable to KNF and is consequently binding with regard to the conduct of all its personnel (directors, employees and external collaborators). It is KNF’s expectation that our partners either subscribe to our Code of Conduct as stated here or adhere to their own code that meets or exceeds the standards set by these policies and practices.

KNF Leitbild

The KNF Leitbild positions us in the market, signals our collective values and offers a reference point for our dealings with one another, with customers and with business associates. We have the responsibility to secure and protect the image and the future of KNF and to meet the requirements of our Leitbild by following the law. The Code of Conduct helps us with that.

Corporate Idea

What we have in common is the motivation to act for the benefit of the entire KNF group.

Human Rights and Legal Compliance

WE support and respect the protection of human rights (e.g. the UN Human Rights Charter) and ensure that our entrepreneurial activity does not make us complicit in human rights abuses.


WE comply with the laws of the relevant legal system(s), including applicable competition laws in the countries in which we do business.

Prohibition of Corruption and Bribery

WE do not tolerate and will not engage in any form of public and/or private corruption or bribery, including any unlawful payments or any other benefit conferred to any government official or policy-maker for the purpose of influencing decision making and gaining an improper or illegal interest or advantage for KNF.

Anti Money Laundering

WE do not tolerate the implication of either KNF or its employees in any cases of money laundering deriving from unlawful or criminal activities.


WE comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding money laundering.

Gifts and Benefits

WE do not tolerate any form of gifts or benefits that can be interpreted as exceeding the scope of normal commercial practices or courtesy, or generally that are given with the intention of receiving preferential treatment in the pursuit of any activity connected with the business of KNF.


WE tolerate neither the receipt nor the offer or provision of such gifts and benefits.

Prohibition of Child Labor

WE do not employ anyone below the applicable minimum legal working age.

Respect for the Basic Human Rights of Employees

WE promote equal opportunities and the equal treatment of our employees irrespective of race, gender, ethnic heritage, political or religious conviction, disabilities, health, age or sexual orientation.


WE respect the personal dignity, privacy, opinion and rights of each individual. WE refuse to employ anyone, or make anyone work, against their will.


WE do not tolerate any unacceptable treatment of employees, including discrimination, coercive, abusive or exploitative behavior, or sexual harassment.


WE refuse to tolerate behavior - including gestures, language and physical contact - that is sexual, coercive, threatening, intimidating, hostile, abusive, or exploitative.


WE provide fair remuneration to our employees and we guarantee the applicable statutory minimum wage.


WE comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding working hours.


WE recognize, as far as legally possible, employees’ rights of free association and neither favor nor discriminate against members of employee organizations or trade unions.

Health and Safety of Employees

WE actively promote programs that ensure a safe and healthy environment for our employees and the general public.


WE utilize the best reasonably applicable standards for precautionary measures to control hazards and prevent accidents and occupational diseases.


WE provide training to ensure that employees are educated in safety issues in accordance with the applicable statutory occupational safety standards.

Suppliers and Business Partners

WE encourage our suppliers and business partners to adhere to the principles and ethical standards of this Code of Conduct regardless of local culture or challenges.


WE adhere to the non-discrimination principles in our relationship with and selection of our suppliers and business partners.

Quality Control

WE develop and manufacture or provide high-quality, safe goods and services.


WE comply with all applicable laws regarding product safety and quality control.


WE take quality-related complaints by customers seriously.

Environmental Protection

WE act in accordance with the applicable statutory standards regarding environmental protection.


WE minimize our environmental pollution and make continuous improvements in environmental protection.

Export Restrictions

WE comply with all export restrictions and regulations.


WE do not tolerate or engage in any form of circumvention of these regulations and will not conduct business with anyone we believe may be trying to circumvent such regulations.

Conflict of Interest

OUR employees and business partners are obliged to conduct business without having any potential or actual conflict of interest.


WE reserve the right to review any outside business involvements to insure they do not interfere or compete with the performance of KNF business.

Protection of Proprietary Information

All proprietary information related to KNF’s business and finances, including information involved in the performance of KNF business activities and information received from third parties such as suppliers, customers and other business partners, shall not be disclosed to any person or entity, directly or indirectly.

Privacy and Protection of Personal Information

WE protect the confidentiality of personal information about employees, customers and other persons or entities with whom we do business.


WE collect and use personal information only to the extent legally allowed and needed to carry out our business.


WE do not share personal information with third parties or authorities unless they are competent to obtain the information.


WE comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal data.

Protection of Corporate Property

WE may issue equipment or property to employees or business partners for use in the course of KNF business. These items remain Company property and must be handled and maintained with care and returned to KNF upon completion of the task for which they were issued. The same principles apply for third party property consigned to KNF.

Social Media

WE use discretion as well as common sense regarding potential consequences of our social media use.


WE clarify that our opinions and ideas are strictly personal and may not represent the position of the Company on the issue in question when disclosing our employment with KNF.


WE refrain from using social media to discuss issues and topics that involve KNF’s confidential and proprietary information.

Reporting of Violations of the Code of Conduct

WE expect all employees and business partners to report any observed or suspected violations of this Code to their supervisor, a Compliance Officer or their principal KNF business contact.

Consequences of Violating the Code of Conduct

Failure to comply with the provisions of this Code can result in disciplinary action.

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