KNF is Making a Difference

Diaphragm pumps are key components in medical equipment to fight COVID-19

Social Distancing. Shopping queues. Working and schooling in our own homes. All this has become our new day-to-day life in the fight against COVID-19. Experts from all over the world are united in solidarity in the Corona crisis. With the common goal of defeating the virus and saving lives, they are working under high pressure to research medicines and develop medical devices and therapies. We, the KNF Group, are also living up to our social responsibility in the fight against the virus. 

Prioritizing and Ramping Up Production to Meet Increased Demand 


Each of our worldwide locations is subject to different conditions and restrictions due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, in a joint effort the KNF Group has been able to make a difference for manufacturers, health workers and patients in these challenging times. Each of our locations is doing everything in its power and is taking every opportunity to deliver life-saving components during the health crisis. 


At KNF we are committed to ensure that the production of life-saving components for medical and laboratory equipment continues to be guaranteed during these difficult times. Our CEO Martin Becker stated that, while ensuring the protection of all KNF employees, production and logistics will continue to be maintained. It is our goal to prevent supply bottlenecks and contribute to the health care of patients and their rapid recovery. 


Health care manufacturers can only produce as many applications as we produce pumps. And we can only produce as many pumps as we receive components. In order to meet our customers’ increasing needs in this health crisis, we have prioritized production and delivery for manufacturers of most needed medical equipment. Our supply chain teams have worked with great dedication to ensure that we can meet the increased demand and increased our production for medical components significantly. We work closely with our customers and suppliers to react quickly and appropriately to everchanging circumstances during this health crisis.  


We are committed to make a difference for manufacturers, health workers and patients in these challenging times. 


KNF Certified to Be of “Systemic Importance” 


Since March 2020 our Swiss locations have been granted the certification as systemically relevant by the “National Economic Supply” (NES) in Switzerland. Our employees are providing services within the scope of the National Supply Act that are essential for the society, such as the production of medical components. This is also true for many other locations, e.g. in the US we fall under the “Defense Production Act” (DPA) of 1950. This helps us to ensure we will be able to maintain our supply chain for manufacturers of life-saving medical equipment worldwide. 


We Are Here for You 


By pulling together, supporting each other and applying our knowledge and skills we can all contribute to overcoming this crisis - as individuals and as a company.  


If you would like to learn more about our KNF products or have a question concerning a specific application, get in contact with us.  




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