Working at KNF Flodos

Working at KNF Flodos

Welcome to the competence and product center for diaphragm liquid pumps

Interesting Workplace and Individual Development Opportunities

About 850 employees worldwide work for the independent KNF Group in 24 locations. Here, KNF Flodos with about 200 employees represents the competence and product center for diaphragm liquid pumps. As part of a family-run business, we offer an interesting and challenging workplace with many development opportunities and advantages:

  • Stability and independence
  • Sustainable orientation
  • Well-established and lived values
  • Innovative environment
  • High-quality production
  • Internationality
  • Education and training as well as interesting professional perspectives
  • Attractive workplaces in a modern building

Best Recruiter Bronze Seal of Approval

Best Recruiters is the largest recruiting study in the D-A-CH region and examines the recruiting measures of the largest employers using a scientific catalog of criteria. The entire recruiting process is analyzed, from the structure and content of the career website to the design of online job ads, the processing of incoming application dossiers and the personal support of applicants.  

KNF Flodos was already awarded the Bronze Seal in 2018/2019 as well as 2020/2021. We also excellently completed the 2021/2022 assessment again with the bronze certificate.

Supported and Challenged During the Apprenticeship

The education of apprentices is the key to future success. This is why we train adolescents in design engineer and merchant professions, and guide them on their way to the professional world.

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We, the Employees

Reto Bircher

As development engineer and team leader, he talks about his motivation to take up new challenges every day.

Passion and ambition accordion-arrow

“Quality from Switzerland for me is precision, dedication, passion and the ambition to refine already good products and to optimize them for our customers. This also includes reliability, personal responsibility and the will to move things. Plus the enthusiasm of all people involved in the product process: That is the KNF quality. We demand, support and live this enthusiasm for work, for the product and its ongoing optimization. It is one of KNF’s secrets of success as a quality and technology leader.”

Teamwork is the key for best solutions accordion-arrow

“We do research as a team because more people achieve more and push each other. At the beginning of every new development as well as in the center of all development processes, the focus is on our customers’ demands and requirements. I love to realize something apparently impossible; to transform problems into solutions that have a significant added value for all. After work, I am happy if I have developed, for example, a solution that is ideal for our customer and profitable for KNF: a win-win solution.”

Gaby Damerau

Our head of human resources devotes her time to each applicant and is looking for personalities that fit the respective team and the KNF culture.

The basis of our success accordion-arrow

"KNF offers a challenging environment where we, the employees, can develop and increase our potential. I for one started as a receptionist at KNF Flodos. Shortly afterwards, I got the chance to change to the HR department. I continued to form for specialist in human resources and since 2015 I have been the head of human resources. No working days is like the other; I love this versatility as well as the teamwork. I have found my dream job.”

Focus on people accordion-arrow

“We are looking for enthusiastic and dynamic team players who act independently, look for challenges and believe that everything is possible. It is my task to recognize talents, to deploy them in the best possible manner and to individually support them. The line manager pays attention to professional qualification; I pay attention to the applicants personality and if it fits KNF and the team. You cannot fully dedicate and participate to your work unless you are comfortable.”

Greta Kurmann

Our assembly employee talks about her team, the work in the production department and why she appreciates the atmosphere at KNF.

Team and atmosphere accordion-arrow

“My motivation: interesting assembly orders, new projects and my team. My tasks are challenging and varying. I like working with my hands but also with my brain. In case we become stuck, support is always on hand. We have a great working atmosphere. That is up to the team but also to the premises. They are comfortable, calm, bright, clean and cleverly organized. Outside the window, you find calm and rural surroundings. This ensures concentrated work.”

Great location with a stunning view accordion-arrow

“Sometimes, I spend my lunch break with my sister who also works at Flodos, and with my colleagues in the cafeteria. In fine weather, we sit outside and enjoy the sun. I travel to work by car as the highway exit is nearby. Other colleagues use the local public transport; it is only a few steps from the bus stop to work. Some go by bicycle or by foot because they live nearby. The location is top!”

Fritz Leuenberger

As team leader in the production department, Fritz Leuenberger has been accompanying KNF Flodos since its founding in 1987.

Personal appreciation accordion-arrow

“Since the founding of KNF Flodos – for 30 years now – I have been part of the team. Despite the years and the impressive growth, the management remained true to itself and the guiding principles – fortunately! I like the still flat hierarchies and the uncomplicated direct contact with the line managers. We are appreciated as individuals; doors and ears are open for our ideas and concerns. KNF is a very innovative and dynamic company that does not restrict our freedom. I have never regretted a single day working here. I am proud to contribute my work.”

Convenient company size accordion-arrow

“KNF has a convenient size with an informal atmosphere. You know people across departments and hierarchy levels. However, due to the constant enlargement it is difficult to immediately keep in mind the new colleagues’ names. But you get to know each other – also during company events like staff outings, anniversaries, our traditional “sausage party” or a little drink after work where people from the departments meet spontaneously. We live the team spirit even outside work.”

Michael Davies

Our marketing and sales manager appreciates the international environment as well as the global contact network.

Connected via numerous languages accordion-arrow

"English, German, Schwiizerdüütsch, Français, Español – if you deal with KNF you can select the language. Where English as my mother tongue is my best known language. The interpersonal and international aspects are very important to me and for my work. Communication takes place via e-mail and telephone, and I can make full use of my language skills. Every day, I am in contact with at least 10 persons from six nations. They are mostly partners or distributors from KNF who distribute our products. 90 percent of them I know personally from KNF sales trainings or business trips.”

Around the world – for and to KNF accordion-arrow

“I am traveling about five times a year – USA, Great Britain, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, France, Italy. I love the internationality – great, that I can live it thanks to my work. Different cultures, lifestyles, religions and food – it is so exciting. And of course it is a good feeling and a motivation for the whole KNF Flodos team to know: We have happy and pleased customers around the globe who get best solutions and to whose success we contribute.”

Nadja Baumli

As team leader in the development department what counts are expertise, social skills and the capacity for teamwork.

Alone among wolves? Not at all! accordion-arrow

“But a woman outnumbered by men? That is true. I am familiar with that already from my mechanical engineering studies at the ETH in Zurich. During my basic studies, the percentage of women was 10 percent. When I graduated in my subject I was the only woman. For being honest, I studied what interests me. I never thought about my role as a woman in a classic male domain. At KNF, personality and performance are what counts and not gender. I have been working as a development engineer for 6 years but was then offered the team leader position.”

Team spirit and performance count accordion-arrow

“From my own personal experience and with regard to the whole company I can say that at KNF fundamentally skilled employees have career opportunities if a respective position is vacant. When it comes to career, expertise as well as character traits like social skills, the capacity for teamwork and loyalty are equally weighted. Of course, further education is part of the professional development – it is very welcome and actively supported.”

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