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We provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding our products and customizing options.

Project pumps are customized solutions and are proprietary to the OEM customer. These custom solutions are not available directly through KNF without a written letter of authorization. They are designated by part numbers/product numbers starting with MPU, PE, PF, PH, PJ, PJM, PL, PM, PME, PMF, PML, PMM or PU. Our sales engineers will support you closely in your project.

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KNF's model numbers reflect our modular system. Typically, the model number references the product line, capacity, material and motor type.

You may not find a part number/product number on our website for a number of reasons. The product may be a custom project pump, the product may be obsolete or the number may have changed as the product has aged. Please contact a KNF sales engineer for more information if you are having trouble locating your product number.

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