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We provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding servicing and repairing our products.

Most KNF pumps are designed to be serviceable. Regular maintenance is key to getting the most out of your pump. Elastomers should be changed periodically to prevent failures and maintain peak performance. Contact us to request and order spare parts. Instructions for servicing your pump can be found in the operating manual, available on our website.


Our service department supports you with your inquiry. For more information, please visit our Repairs & Service section. You can also contact our service team directly.


KNF offers repairs and maintenance services to customers. For more information on how to return your pump for inspection and repairs, please visit our Repairs & Service section.


Spare part sets are available for all of our pumps. For our lab pumps & systems you can find all available spares on our website.

For our built-in OEM pumps, please contact us.

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