With our production sites as well as numerous international sales locations, we fulfill our commitment to quality and delivery to our customers worldwide. Our products are manufactured at our sites according to the highest quality standards. The close cooperation between product engineering, production, and sales also enables us to react quickly and individually to customer requirements and local market demands.

Concentrated Know-How, Constant Innovation

Our five competence centers for development, design and production are located in Germany, Switzerland, France, and the US. Guided by a spirit of innovation and based on comprehensive production and applications knowledge, these locations ensure the continuous optimization of KNF pump technology and production at the highest level. Through regular training and direct support of our KNF sales offices, they provide access to the finest product quality and optimum service to our customers worldwide.

KNF Flodos AG, Sursee
KNF Micro AG, Reiden
KNF Neuberger GmbH, Freiburg
KNF Neuberger Inc., Trenton
KNF Neuberger S.A.S., Village-Neuf

KNF Flodos AG, Sursee

Welcome to KNF Flodos AG, the competence and product center for liquid diaphragm pumps within the KNF Group. Since its foundation in 1987 in Sursee, Switzerland, KNF Flodos AG has been developing and producing a wide range of customized liquid diaphragm pump solutions for the global market. Processes defined after ISO 9001 certification are leveraged throughout the company to ensure that the highest customer quality expectations will be met.

Thanks to its steady growth since its inception, KNF Flodos AG has continuously expanded its production facilities, its machinery and automation capabilities, as well as its highly qualified staff. In 2014 KNF Flodos AG invested in the construction of a new office building which was specifically built for the company's technology group. In this facility engineers work on innovative new ideas, product development, as well as products designed for specific customer needs.

Led by Boris Aenishänslin, a highly qualified team develops liquid diaphragm pumps for the use in medical technology, laboratory analysis, the inkjet industry as well as other challenging industries.

After many years of dedicated work and gained expertise, KNF Flodos AG has established itself worldwide as a leading liquid pump innovator.

  • Location: Sursee, Switzerland
  • Foundation: 1987
  • Employees total: 200+
  • Employees R&D: 50
  • Company premises: 13,000 m²/ 140,000 ft²
  • Production area: 4,700 m²/ 50,600 ft²

KNF Micro AG, Reiden

Building on many years of experience in micro pump development and manufacturing at our German facility, in 2012 KNF founded KNF Micro AG in Switzerland. Since its inception, KNF Micro AG has specialized in micro gas pump technology, product development, and ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturing for the group.

Production at KNF Micro AG comprises seven manual assembly islands. In 2019 the company invested in a semi-automated assembly island for the NMP 830 pump type to further increase process reliability and productivity.

Managed by Benno Steiner, KNF Micro AG is responsible for designing, developing and producing micro gas pumps, such as diaphragm gas and swing piston pumps. More than 90% of all pumps produced are custom-designed for specific customer requirements.  

The pumps are most often used in the medical sector but are also utilized in sectors such as inkjet, environmental monitoring, security, and food. Additionally, KNF Micro acts as a worldwide distributer and marketing center for their pumps.

  • Location: Reiden/Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Foundation: 2012
  • Employees: 60+

KNF Neuberger GmbH, Freiburg

Founded in 1946 KNF Neuberger GmbH was the first KNF facility. Today it is the competence and product center for gas diaphragm pumps within the KNF Group.

Since 1996 KNF Neuberger GmbH has been ISO 9001:2015 certified as a production site. The company has recently invested heavily in the expansion of its building, as well as in the expansion of its production capacity in order to meet growing demand.

Under the management of Günter Emig KNF Neuberger GmbH develops, designs and produces gas pumps and systems for original equipment manufacturers and the end-user laboratory sector. Amongst other applications the pumps are used in medical equipment or devices for gas and emissions measurement.

Besides being responsible for development, design and production, KNF Neuberger GmbH also acts as a distribution center for the sale of gas, micro and liquid pumps throughout Germany.

  • Location: Freiburg-Munzingen, Germany
  • Foundation: 1946
  • Employees: 250+

KNF Neuberger Inc., Trenton

KNF Neuberger Inc. is the Group’s specialist for the North American market. Since its foundation in the late 1970s, the location has expanded its local manufacturing and engineering capabilities to best serve the growing needs of the US, Canadian, and Mexican markets.

Founded in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, KNF Neuberger Inc. expanded to a larger facility in Trenton, NJ in 1992.

KNF Neuberger Inc. is driven by exceptional standards for excellence and innovation. Under the management of Robert Wassmer the location produces micro and gas pumps for original equipment manufacturing, industrial process applications, and general laboratory use for the North American market.

The company also acts as the distribution, sales, and marketing center for KNF liquid pumps and specialty industrial processing units currently produced in the European locations.

  • Location: Trenton, USA
  • Foundation: 1977
  • Employees: 135+

KNF Neuberger S.A.S., Village-Neuf

KNF Neuberger S.A.S. is the first international subsidiary of the KNF Group. Founded initially in the late 60s as a sales organization in Saint Louis, France, the site started its own production in Village-Neuf shortly after. Today, KNF Neuberger S.A.S. is the production center for pump-specific motors within the KNF Group.

Since 2000, the production has been ISO 9001:2015 certified. In 1993 and 2015 KNF Neuberger S.A.S. invested in the construction of additional administrative buildings.

Under the management of Albert Grebil, KNF Neuberger S.A.S. carries out sales and marketing activities for the French market. In addition to pump-specific capacity motors and shaded pole motors, the site also produces small gas pumps for laboratory use.

  • Location: Village-Neuf, France
  • Foundation: 1968
  • Production: since 1974
  • Employees: 65+


Our ISO 9001:2015 certificates are available in the downloads section.

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Our customers benefit from professional services and competent advice based on the local expertise of our contacts on site and the technical know-how of the entire global KNF Group.

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