KNF at Compamed 2021

Smooth flow pumps for medical equipment

At Compamed 2021, KNF will present reliable pumps with low pulsation for medical applications.

Compamed in Dusseldorf, Germany, is the leading international trade fair for the medical manufacturing supplier market. From November 15–18, 2021, KNF will be welcoming visitors at booth A47 in hall 13, where the world market leader will present an overview of the latest pump solutions.

A growing number of applications have entered the market in which medical devices are supplied with liquid media handled as gently as possible and controlled precisely according to the intended purpose. KNF has been meeting this demand for liquid transfer solutions since 2019 by practically fusing the low pulsation of gear pumps and centrifugal pumps with the well-known advantages of diaphragm pumps.


Two smooth flow pumps of this design will celebrate their debut together in 2021 at Compamed: FP 70, currently the smallest pump in the series and the high-pressure FP 1.150.

FP 70: Low-Pulsation Pump for Liquid Media Transfer in Medical Equipment

The KNF FP 70 is self-priming and can run dry, handles liquid transfer gently and cleanly, and is chemically resistant. Thanks to the integration of pulsation dampening technology, there is no need for additional pulsation dampening elements and tubing when using the KNF FP 70. This means that the pump can operate with particularly low pulsation even where space is limited.


The system’s requirements also come first when selecting the motor: The smooth flow pump can be equipped with motors of different performance classes, and their parameters can be precisely customized. The low pulsation pump is fully equipped for a smooth flow.


The KNF FP 70 achieves a flow of up to 850 ml/min and is developed for an operating pressure up to 2 bar (29.4 psig). Furthermore, the patented 4-point-valves ensure reliable self-priming. Thus, no additional priming pump is required for filling and draining the system.

FP 70: Low pulsation pump fully equipped for a smooth flow
FP 70: Low pulsation pump fully equipped for a smooth flow

KNF FP 70 for Patient Comfort During Medical Treatment

In medical applications, where equipment is often in direct contact with the patient, a smooth flow pump can also have a positive impact on the patients’ wellbeing. Fewer pulses are transmitted from the liquid to the tubing and from there to parts applied to the patient, helping to make treatments a less stressful experience.

Efficient Smooth Flow Pump for Demanding Medical Equipment

The low pulsation pump technology used in the KNF FP 70 improves pump efficiency, as pressure resistance in the tubing is reduced and flow performance is significantly enhanced. This can be a crucial factor if small tubing is used. It also reduces bubble formation, which helps to keep the liquid properties in a steady state and therefore increases the process reliability.

FP 1.150 for Quiet Liquid Transfer in Medical Devices

With a maximum flow rate of 1.1 l/min and a suction height of up to 2.3 mH2O (6.66 inHg), the FP 1.150 – an addition to the FP 150 pump series – offers a powerful maximum operating pressure of 6 bar rel. (87.02 psig). Good compatibility with chemically aggressive and abrasive liquid media combined with low pulsation and minimal shearing force – these are the typical characteristics of this smooth flow pump.


By interlacing the flow and the pulses generated by each of the 5 diaphragms, a very high and yet smooth flow is achieved in this diaphragm liquid pump. This helps to efficiently transfer liquids through long tubing with smaller diameters, since smooth flow pumps reduce pressure loss. It also minimizes vibration of the tubes, which can be bothersome to the process.

FP 1.150: For quiet liquid transfer in medical devices
FP 1.150: For quiet liquid transfer in medical devices

Ideal Smooth Flow Pump for Use Close to Patients

These specifications make the pump series particularly suitable for use in small cooling circuits such as X-ray machines or lithotripsy devices. The quiet and maintenance-free pump is ideal for applications carried out in close proximity to patients. Thanks to the KNF modular system, the FP 150 is available in a range of different versions.

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