Launched full-scale supply of new vacuum pumps suitable for research applications

KNF Japan Co., ltd. launched full-scale supply of the successor to its long-selling vacuum pump model in 2021.

For a quarter of a century since its launch in 1994, our conventional product has been used by many researchers for applications such as evaporators, filtration, degassing/defoaming, etc., without changing its basic design.


As a successor product, it will maintain its excellent vacuum performance, while improving the efficiency and safety of research work as a more user-friendly product, aiming for even greater customer satisfaction.


-Product features-

  • All products in this category are equipped with the "flow adjustment" mechanism as a new standard feature.
  • The use of a brushless motor achieves a product life exceeding that of conventional products (approx. 20,000 hours).
  • Vacuum specifications, chemical resistance, and explosion-proof specifications remain unchanged. *1
  • Additional expansion capabilities for condenser, cold trap, and vacuum controller *2
  • Free demo units are available for all products.



*1. N96.18 does not have an explosion-proof specification.
*2. Scheduled for release in FY2021








For more information about the specifications and details of each product, please contact us.



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