KNF successfully collaborates with engineering consulting offices that plan industrial plants and design consultants in the OEM field by offering high-end diaphragm pump technology. This includes providing in-depth expertise, from consultation in the early stages of development to supporting customers long after the product has been launched or the plant has been in operation. Customers receive cutting-edge pump technology along with the benefit of a close and professional working relationship.

Benefit From Our Extensive Pump Expertise!

KNF believes a good customer relationship does not start with selling pumps. We support our customers early in the development and design of a new product or the planning phase of a new industrial plant by providing our extensive knowledge of pump applications and fluid systems.


With this approach, we help our customers to develop faster, with better results and without having to build up their own pump expertise. KNF often maintains close collaboration with customers for decades.

Customizing for Demanding OEM Requirements

Customizing for Demanding OEM Requirements

Most standard, off-the-shelf products are not ideal for OEM Applications. Aspects like performance characteristics, dimensions or connections aren’t always a fit for specific OEM systems. KNF recognizes this challenge, and uses a modular design approach for all diaphragm pumps.

This modular system allows for customizing pump components such as drive, eccentric, diaphragm and valves as well as connections and many more without having to start the development process from scratch.  Application-specific pump optimization with KNF is not only fast and economical, but also offers the advantage of relying on proven components.

All Fields of Application Covered

KNF pumps are extremely versatile and customizable. With more than 75 years’ experience, KNF has gained broad in-depth knowledge across a vast range of industries. This enables KNF to provide pump expertise, even in the most demanding areas. KNF works across applications such as medical, food processing, analytical application, inkjet technology and energy.

Always Efficient

Always Efficient

With the demand for green technologies at an all-time high, energy efficiency is a critical issue. It is also crucial in other systems, like battery-powered applications where systems efficiency determines runtimes. KNF provides advanced BLDC motor options for almost all pumps. These motors operate very efficiently and offer very long lifetime, as well as precise controllability and the option for digital customization.

Small When Needed

KNF provides special micro gas pumps for handheld devices and other applications that benefit from miniaturization. Despite their small size, these powerful pumps can perform the most demanding tasks while requiring minimum space and energy. A wide range of accessories makes them versatile and suitable for almost every industry.

Pumps for Process Applications

Pumps for Process Applications

KNF also offers pumps for a wide range of industrial applications. Their many advantages like cleanliness, leak-tightness, chemical resistance, robustness and reliability, make them the ideal choice for demanding media such as corrosive, hazardous, explosive, hot, or valuable gases.

Fields of application include areas like sampling and analysis or transfer and recovery. Customers benefit from KNF’s extensive application knowledge and the option for highly individual pump customization.

International Supply, Local Support

KNF is an international pump supplier, with 24 locations worldwide. While customers benefit from close proximity to their dedicated KNF experts in their home country, the international network ensures that production can be realized anywhere in the world with specialized pump support close by. This includes necessary certification for most markets such as different types of explosion protection certification, FDA NSF or RoHS/REACH.

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