Five Decades of Partnership: How KNF and Schmachtl Write a Success Story

For 50 years, Schmachtl and KNF have enjoyed a unique partnership characterized by mutual trust, a spirit of innovation and solution-oriented collaboration.

For 50 years, KNF and Schmachtl have enjoyed a unique partnership

The successful collaboration began in 1974, when Schmachtl GmbH became the exclusive distributor for KNF in Austria and Czechoslovakia, today's Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since then, the two companies have been at the forefront of pump technology and have achieved many milestones together.

Shared Values: The Foundation for Success

In June 1974, Erich Becker, then Managing Director of KNF, and Dr. Karl-Heinz Schmachtl, owner of Schmachtl GmbH, sealed an agreement that laid the foundation for a half-century of successful partnership: Schmachtl GmbH, founded in 1936 and now a trading company with 250 employees, became the exclusive distributor of KNF in Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


The partnership is one of the longest and most successful in the history of KNF. What makes this collaboration between KNF and Schmachtl so unique are the shared values and beliefs, as both companies focus on innovation, excellence, and reliability. In addition, they are also characterized by a solution-oriented approach to working together in a spirit of close teamwork.


Based on the philosophy that "experience can only be surpassed by more experience", KNF and Schmachtl have been the driving force behind countless innovations in pump technology over the past 50 years. From the development of high-performance diaphragm pumps for inkjet printing in the carpet and textile industry, to compressors for shock wave therapy, to highly efficient vacuum pumps for stationary gas analysis, the two companies have repeatedly set new standards together.

Focus on Solutions Rather Than Products

One of the keys to this success is a commitment to customer service. Instead of focusing solely on selling products, Schmachtl and KNF work hand in hand to find the ideal solution for every challenge. Customers benefit from the local presence, experience, and technical expertise of both companies.


Besides strong technical expertise, the success of this partnership is underpinned by a strong human component. Over the years, mutual trust, respect, and cooperation have always been key. This team spirit also translates into customer loyalty, as Schmachtl's customers also appreciate this very personal approach.

Sharing a Success Story for the Future

On June 26, a small celebration was held at the KNF Product Center for diaphragm gas pumps in Freiburg-Munzingen to mark the 50th anniversary of this special connection. Long-time companions and friends came together to look back on their shared success story and to set the course for the future, knowing that KNF and Schmachtl will continue their successful collaboration and take on new challenges together.

Business partners who have become friends: KNF and Schmachtl celebrate 50 years of collaboration in Freiburg-Munzingen.
Business partners who have become friends: KNF and Schmachtl celebrate 50 years of collaboration in Freiburg-Munzingen.

Their innovative strength, customer focus and active partnership, proven over the past 50 years, will continue to form the basis for their collaboration. With this approach, both companies are well equipped to remain at the forefront of pump technology for decades to come.