KNF Pumps for Degassing and Desiccation

The high-performance vacuum pumps from KNF are designed to meet the most demanding requirements. Find the right pump for your application and increase your efficiency.

Understanding Degassing and Desiccation

Degassing is critical in applications such as HPLC and organic reactions. It is also essential in the production of resins, gels, plastics, and cosmetics. A vacuum degassing system consists of a desiccator with a vessel for the liquid product and a vacuum pump to regulate the pressure inside. Pump flow rate and vacuum depth vary depending on the application.


Desiccation separates moisture from solids and maintains a dry environment for moisture-sensitive materials. A vacuum desiccator connected to a laboratory vacuum pump removes moisture and air from the chamber, ideal for dust-free, completely dry storage of materials.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Ideal Pump for Degassing and Desiccation

  • Oil-free operation with excellent chemical compatibility
  • Ability to handle vapors and wet gases
  • Ultimate vacuum required
  • Flow rate proportional to system volume

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