Liquid Transfer

Liquid transfer can mean many different things in the laboratory. In some cases, it involves removing HPLC waste to a collection vessel. In others, it means transferring the mobile phase from a large container to one which is smaller and more easily handled. Regardless of your application, Liquiport® liquid transfer pumps offer a safe and reliable way to efficiently transfer liquid media. A simple, intuitive control knob allows you to select your desired flow rate. The RC version offers remote pulse control of the pump from a safe distance.

As with all KNF liquid diaphragm pumps, various head materials are available so that you can select the best possible pump for the media you will be using. Additionally, there is no compression of the tubing, meaning that the pump’s performance does not vary significantly over time. 


Considerations for selecting the optimal pump include:


  • Selection of the desired transfer rate
  • Oil-free operation with excellent chemical compatibility  
  • Range of control options


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