Buying Diaphragm Pumps Made Easy

Welcome to the KNF Shop, the gateway for fast and easy online purchase of robust, durable and user-friendly diaphragm pumps. Founded in 1946 in Germany, KNF is a family-owned manufacturer that has established itself as a global solution provider specializing in the development, design, production and distribution of diaphragm pumps for the transfer of gases and liquids or for vacuum generation.


The new shop offers convenience and efficiency to B2B customers in the United States, introducing a modern approach to buying pumps that simplifies processes and streamlines operations.


Starting with a quick account setup, the shop allows for seamless online purchasing and management of sample pump orders, as well as access to personalized services. In just a few steps , customers have access to a curated selection of sample pumps for a variety of applications in medical or inkjet devices, industrial  processes, scientific research and more, providing a reliable starting point for individual projects.

Find the Most Popular Sample Pumps Available

Each pump is designed to meet the needs of various applications, providing a reliable starting point for individual projects and customized pump solutions.

What Is a Sample Pump?

A sample pump is a single OEM pump that customers can try out to see if it meets the specific needs and requirements of their application, providing a hands-on experience to help make an informed decision.

Your Partner in Pump Solutions

The KNF Shop provides a highly personalized experience. Upon registration, you will be assigned a dedicated KNF representative who will be available whenever you need assistance or expertise for your project. This personalized approach ensures that you do not just get expert advice – you find solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are looking for customization options for special processes or aligning potential pumps with unique project goals, our personalized support ensures that your needs are fully met.

  • Efficient Online Ordering

Benefit from an easy online selection and purchase process of available sample pumps and pay conveniently by credit card.

  • Effortless Order Management

Easily monitor and streamline your online sample pump purchases for a smoother, more efficient ordering experience.

  • Personalized Support

Connect with your dedicated KNF representative and get expert advice with personalized pump recommendations based on the unique needs of your project.

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