Innovative 5-diaphragm technology: The FP 400 is the first pump series to combine the advantages of diaphragm pump and gear pump technology.

Diaphragm Pumps Can Do It All

The quiet, low pulsation 5-diaphragm technology

No pulse? This would be a cause for alarm in any living organism. When talking about pumps things are different: as little pulsation as possible frequently is essential. And this is where a normal diaphragm pump hits a wall. Since diaphragm pumps only work because of pulsing technology, low pulsation diaphragm pumps represent a contradiction in and of themselves. They cannot operate without visible and audible vibration. In the past, gear pumps were preferred for low-pulsation applications, even though this meant forgoing the advantages offered by diaphragm pump technology – including a long service life and self-priming and dry-running functionality.

KNF engineers therefore successfully sought to combine the best of both worlds. They managed to develop a new generation of diaphragm pumps which feature five diaphragms, uniting all of the desired benefits and setting new benchmarks for diaphragm liquid pumps.

The FP 400 is the first KNF pump to integrate five diaphragms on a single horizontal level. This alone reduces pulsation to the level seen in gear pumps and eliminates the need to take further measures for preventing pulsation. Their uniquely quiet operation and flow rate qualify the new generation of pumps for a wide spectrum of challenging applications in liquid circulation – for example, in temperature management devices for cooling medical lasers or X-ray devices or in support systems for stabilizing patients’ body temperature. Quiet, low-vibration pumps are integral in this field.

Another area of application where additionally low shearing forces are critical is in handling UV inks, such as those used in inkjet printing. The gentle transfer of ink prevents premature curing – i.e. activation of the UV initiators – inside the pump.

The low pulsation diaphragm pump’s performance is outstanding, and it even remains stable and consistent when facing back pressure or changes in viscosity. The FP 150 pump series is also based on a 5-diaphragmdesign, which allows for an infinitely adjustable flow rate. Moreover, the pump can withstand high back pressure. With this feature, the new series is predestined for use in instrumental analysis, which requires that liquid samples be kept uncontaminated. To ensure this purity, the pump also supplies the system with the necessary cleaning agents for its various cleaning cycles and is capable of transferring aggressive media.

The FP 70 rounds out the series of low pulsation liquid pumps. One new feature is the integration of pulsation-damping technology. This eliminates the need for pulsation-damping accessories and hoses. The pump even works in very small spaces with the same exceptionally low pulsation. Just like its siblings, it is self-priming, is safe to run dry, has a long service life and is, of course, perfectly customizable to its respective application.

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