When Consistency Is Key

Some KNF pump series have remained unchanged for decades. This long product life cycle is extremely important for some customers.

In many industries, innovations bring improvements and advancements. Novelties, however, are not always and not everywhere the main key to success. Sometimes, other aspects like the unchanged availability of a product for long periods of time are more important. Therefore, some KNF pump series have a very long product life cycle, and customers have a say in determining the minimum availability of their pump.

Innovation is not always the answer

Like most world market leaders, KNF has always been a technology-driven company. Latest developments like the Smooth Flow pump series KNF FP 70, FP 150 and FP 400 are proof of this. However, innovation is not everything when it comes to being an ideal partner for customers. In some cases, absolute consistency and long-lasting continuity are more important.


This is why KNF not only provides new pump series but also series that have been unchanged in production for several decades. This is true for liquid pumps and for gas pumps as well as for micro pumps.

Medical applications require a long product life cycle

Especially medical equipment manufacturers value a long-lasting availability of pumps. In this field, the requirements for components and materials are extremely demanding. This not only requires rigorous testing but also poses a need for meticulous certification.


Even minor changes to a component used for medical equipment make new tests and certification necessary. In the field of medical products, this concerns all changes to critical pump components as well as to material that comes into direct contact with the media.

Time-consuming and expensive certification

Some KNF pumps, which use FDA-approved materials, already come with a certification like the NSF Certification. Many pumps, however, need additional certification. Depending on the field of application and the country where a product is sold, different certifications are necessary. This can be e.g., FDA, EMC, NSF, RoHS or REACH.


Most of these certifications are very time-consuming and cost considerable sums of money. Therefore, manufacturers in the medical industry use a pump type for as long as possible once it has been certified.

How KNF ensures a reliable product life cycle

As a family-owned company with more than 75 years of history, KNF can make independent decisions orientated towards sustainable future-oriented goals. Furthermore, strong long-term partnerships with suppliers make the availability of components and material safe and secure for years to come.


For critical elements like motors or injection-molded parts, KNF has other supply sources. In combination with the constant improvement of products and processes, these measures ensure that specific pump series have a long product life cycle.

Availability on demand

When a standard KNF product reaches the end of its product life cycle, customers are informed well in advance. For customer-specific products, the lifecycle can be defined to the choice of the customer.

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