Unique Design, Systematic Approach

The new KNF LABOPORT® vacuum pumps and systems for the laboratory

The new vacuum controller from the LABOPORT® family brings complete process control to the lab.

Developed for the highest precision and uncompromising performance in the lab: our new KNF LABOPORT® vacuum pumps and systems. Right on time for the start of the Analytica trade fair, KNF introduced our new, further developed LABOPORT® series. It combines a unique design with outstanding performance.

At Analytica in Munich everything was about innovative laboratory products and process technology – about solutions that excite. This is especially true for the new LABOPORT® series which excites everyone who uses it. ‘During its development, we completely focused on the needs of the users,’ says Corné Valkenburg, CSO KNF Business Unit Lab. ‘We constantly strive to design lab processes as simply, economically and reliably as possible.’ The number one objective was to make everyday life in the lab noticeably easier with the latest technologies and ensure that the work is enjoyable.


Customized and modular

The new generation of KNF vacuum pumps fits precisely to individual needs in the lab. ‘This allows our customers to create their own customized vacuum system, including environmentally friendly solvent recovery and reliable protection against chemicals,’ explains Corné Valkenburg.


The heart of the system is the new LABOPORT® base pump – a compact, chemically resistant and oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump. The powerful base pump can be expanded to an even more environmentally friendly system. Thanks to redesigned and improved system components such as the separator, high-power condenser and innovative vacuum controller, LABOPORT® is ready to take on a wide range of laboratory applications.


Vacuum always under control

The latest member of the new LABOPORT® family was a real highlight at the trade fair: the vacuum controller for the SC 820 G (CN) and SC 840 G (CN) pump systems. It offers intuitive handling and maximum ease of operation. Its newly designed touchscreen display with an extremely precise vacuum regulator provides complete process control. And thanks to the large user interface, users will always have the overview of what is important.


‘Due to its ergonomic design, our new LABOPORT® is not only space-saving with a fresh modern look, but also offers all the essential advantages in handling and functionality that our customers really need,’ says Corné Valkenburg. Exactly – a unique design for lab life!

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