KNF at CEM 2023 in Barcelona

Cutting-edge diaphragm pumps for emission monitoring on display from September 20th to 22nd.

KNF will showcase advanced diaphragm pumps at CEM 2023 taking place in Barcelona. The pumps are ideal for the requirements of emission monitoring.

At CEM 2023, an international conference and exhibition dedicated to emission monitoring, KNF will showcase the latest pump technology. The state-of-the-art diaphragm pumps are ideal for both stationary and mobile emission monitoring applications and can also be used for a variety of other challenging tasks. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience these advanced technologies firsthand at booth 43.

Compact Pumps for Mobile Emission Monitoring

Mobile measurement applications require particularly small pump solutions. For this reason, KNF will be exhibiting multiple diaphragm pumps with compact dimensions at CEM 2023. One of these is the KNF N 96, which is extremely versatile thanks to a wide range of pump materials for the parts that can come into contact with the medium. This enables high chemical compatibility. In addition, KNF emission monitoring pumps can handle condensate and wet gases without problems.

Latest Micro Pump Motor Technology at CEM 2023

Many KNF micro pumps will also be on display at CEM 2023. These small pumps offer intrinsic safety for use in explosion-proof measuring systems. Equipped with the latest motor technology for micro pumps, the NMP 830 DC-BI and NMP 850 DC-BI set new industry standards in terms of durability, compactness and light weight. The new motors, developed and manufactured in-house by KNF, also offer an outstanding lifetime of over 20,000 hours.

Versatile Portfolio for Stationary Measuring Systems

At CEM 2023, KNF will also present diaphragm pump solutions for stationary monitoring applications. The larger pump series N 630, N 87 and N 922 on display are all available in explosion-proof versions and cover almost all conceivable requirements in the field of emission monitoring. While the N 87 offers compact dimensions, the N 922 is particularly easy to service and offers the possibility of rotating the compressor housing in 90° steps independently of the motors, making condensate management easy. The N 630 is particularly versatile due to its many design variants, making it also ideal for industrial processes.

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