KNF Showcases High-Tech Pump Solutions for Medical Technology at Compamed 2023

At Compamed 2023, KNF will present its latest solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of the medical industry in hall 8a at booth H04.

From November 13th to 16th, Compamed 2023, the international trade fair for the medical supply industry and product development, promises to be exciting. The event in Düsseldorf, Germany, will feature around 800 national and international exhibitors and suppliers. KNF will present its innovations in hall 8a at booth H04.

Breakthrough Medical Solutions on a Global Stage

More than just a trade show, Compamed 2023 is a hotspot for cutting-edge medical technology solutions. It aims to bring together the best of the medical industry in Düsseldorf, Germany, and serves as a stage to showcase the latest advances in medical technology, from materials and assemblies to components and sub-products for medical devices. Throughout the years, KNF has demonstrated its commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical technology by providing groundbreaking components and OEM equipment. At Compamed 2023, KNF will present its latest solutions tailored to the demanding needs of the medical industry.

Ensuring Longevity and Efficiency in Lab Waste Management

The KNF N 938 diaphragm pump is an essential component in the efficient and safe disposal of mixed chemical liquid waste in diagnostic laboratories. Its robust design withstands not only moisture and condensate, but also corrosive media, ensuring operational safety and exceptional longevity. The pump fulfills an essential role in the management of waste generated, for example, during the testing of biological specimens, providing an economical and effective solution to the specific operational needs of today's laboratories.

The robust design of the N 938 ensures operational reliability and exceptional durability.
The robust design of the N 938 ensures operational reliability and exceptional durability.

Enhancing Diagnostics and Treatment

The NMP 820 micro diaphragm pump, a compact and quiet yet powerful device, is ideal for capnometry and plays a key role in patient monitoring during surgery, in intensive care units and in emergency situations involving ventilated patients. The pump's robust and lightweight design also makes it ideal for medical wound care and dermatology, ensuring high performance, durability and precision. In addition, KNF micro pumps are designed to deliver and mix reagents with the precise pressure and vacuum levels required for point-of-care diagnostics. They are equipped with customizable brushless DC motors that allow the definition and modification of complex operating profiles.

Low Pulsation Pumps Secure Volatile Anesthetics

Diagnostic procedures are greatly enhanced by the accurate transfer of reagents. This function is made possible by the low pulsation and smooth pumping of buffer solutions and solvents by KNF FP pumps. In anesthesia, these pumps help convert liquid anesthetics to gas in the vaporizer, underscoring the need for low-pulsation pumping given the volatile nature of anesthetics. In addition, they are critical in neonatal care, providing consistent and accurate humidification. This regulated humidification in incubators has been shown to be critical in reducing the mortality rate of premature infants.

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