KNF DC-BI – One Innovative Motor, Four New Compact Pump Series

Four new series diaphragm gas pumps use innovative drive technology developed by KNF and set new standards in service life, compactness and smartness

Four new compact KNF pump series make use of the innovative DC-BI motor technology.

Previously only available as a project option, KNF has launched four compact pump series that are using new DC‑BI motor technology. This makes the new series suitable for the most demanding applications where long service life, a small footprint and advanced controllability are needed.

Compact Pump Thanks to Integrated Motor

The new KNF Direct Current Brushless Integrated (DC-BI) technology drives the four new series NMP 830 DC-BI, NMP 830 HP DC-BI, NMP 850 DC-BI and NMP 850 HP DC-BI. For the first time, the motor is integrated directly into the pump housing, making the new micro diaphragm pump series both unprecedentedly compact and lightweight. The result is an unparalleled performance to size ratio.

New Bearings for Maximum Lifetime

The bearing configuration has also been optimized for maximum service lifetime. The four new compact pump series use two instead of the usual three ball bearings, which provides several mechanical advantages resulting in an increased service life. This is further improved by the use of larger ball bearings, enabling an expected lifetime of over 20,000 hours.

Digital Customizing for Advanced Controllability

In addition to their mechanical advantages, the four new pump series also offer substantial digital customization benefits. The use of an advanced, proprietary BLDC motor enables sophisticated parameterization. This allows for application-specific digital customization. Among many other aspects, customers can define speed range, starting behavior, control characteristics or thresholds.

Fit For Demanding Applications

With their special properties, these compact pump series are ideal for even the most challenging tasks and highest demands. These include medical applications, inkjet technology or analytical instruments. Depending on the specific series, the new pumps achieve a flow rate of up to 7 l/m, an ultimate vacuum of down to 220 mbar and a maximum pressure of up to 3 bar.

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