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The Sales Department at KNF is structured according to regions and solutions. The Domestic Sales Team is responsible for OEM. They are the first port of call for the creation of customer-specific pumps that our customers install in their devices. In addition to sales activities, the team also provides technical consulting to our customers and manages project business.

Over the last twelve years, my day-to-day work has been characterized by the cooperation with our customers – virtually, in person or at exhibitions. At KNF, I work in an environment which is a good fit for me, in terms of both the subject matter and the people. In the Sales Department, we are a great team and have developed many long-term relationships with our customers over the years. At KNF, things are always moving forward. That also includes my career in the Sales Department. As of January 2022, I am taking on new responsibilities as Product & Application Manager Germany.

KNF is being shown trust in my work.


When I applied for a job at KNF, I had a good feeling from the beginning. Today, I know that I definitely made the right decision. And the way people interact with each other at KNF definitely has certainly contributed a lot. It’s a nice feeling to experience recognition and feeling valued. Even though we’re constantly growing and are active worldwide, it feels like we are a little family here at KNF.

Felix Ullrich
Product & Application Manager Germany

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