Service & Repairs at KNF

For us, reliability is a must. And it doesn’t stop with the sale of one of our products — on the contrary, we want reliability to define every aspect of our service. Therefore, we have made it easy for you to contact us regarding service and repairs.

Your Service Inquiry

1. Fill out the online form completely. After submitting you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. 
2. Wait for another email from KNF with your RMA number and a PDF document. 
3. Print the PDF document. 
4. Clean the pump, it must be completely free of any media. 
5. Pack the pump safely for transport, place the PDF document in a packing list envelope outside of the package. 
6. Ship the package. Please be aware, that your packaging material will be disposed. 
7. You will receive a note of arrival from us.

Service form
Well-Prepared for a Rapid Solution

Well-Prepared for a Rapid Solution

We have made it as easy as possible for you to get a hold of us whenever you need. Before sending us your pump, we urge you to please carefully fill out the obligatory online service form. This is required so that we can promptly address your concerns. Hazardous residue presents a risk to our employees’ health, and we must be able to rule this out for your sake and ours. Thank you for your support! 

Service Information

Preventive Service

Regularly maintaining and testing your pump ensures efficient operation. Please abide by the recommended intervals in the maintenance plan found in the operating instructions so your pump continues to function effectively and reliably. This way you can avoid unplanned interruptions and costs.

Original Spare Parts

We offer suitable original spare parts for every pump. Please only use these in order to ensure a long service life for your pump and to avoid expensive consequential damage. The order numbers are listed in our operating instructions and datasheets.

We are There for You

Pump repairs are conducted by our experienced technicians. The entries you make in your online form are crucial for a quick and straightforward processing. Help us by making the necessary preparations. After we receive your pump, we will disassemble and inspect. 

Get in contact with our experts team

KNF Service & Repairs Team

Working hours: Monday- Friday 8 am to 4 pm