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There are around 20 of us in the Manufacturing Team. Our machinery contains a huge variety of machines, from conventional ones to robot-controlled CNC machines. We manufacture the housing and the individual parts of the pumps. In my role, I work somewhere different every day. Punching, turning, milling – wherever the team is a colleague down, or short-staffed, I jump in to help out.

Following my apprenticeship at KNF, I knew I definitely wanted to work here in the Manufacturing department. My current position as a stand-in appealed to me straight away since there is lots of variety in my tasks and I can apply everything that I learned as an Industrial Mechanic and continue to build on this knowledge. The more I learn, the more fun the job becomes for me.

KNF is learning something new every day.


I’ve worked in this role for five years now and feel very happy at KNF. As well as the job itself, I’m certain that’s down to the friendly working atmosphere and my team. We all know each other in the Manufacturing Department and some of my colleagues completed the apprenticeship with me. That definitely brings us together as a team. I also like that we use the informal German “Du” across the company. It means we work together in a completely different way and strengthens the feeling that we’re all working towards the same goal.

Patrick Schlatter
Manufacturing Department

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