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I work as an Assembler meaning I build pumps from beginning to end, ensure they function properly and send them to the Shipping Department for shipping to the customer. Pumps from KNF are predominantly customer-specific solutions. That means my work always stays varied. I usually assemble a range of different pump types in a week, but all of them are based on the same modular system.

As a trained carpenter I was contracted to work for KNF in February 2007 where I was very happy to do something practical again. My wish to stay on as a permanent member of staff came true a few months later. Since I’ve been employed at KNF, I’ve continuously increased and improved my range of tasks. I currently work in our new building at a modern assembly stand with two other colleagues. I really like a job in which I’m always on my feet.

KNF is holding my ground as a woman in a technical field.


I also get on very well with my colleagues and we always have a good laugh together. But it’s also very important to me to do a good job here and that the users of KNF pumps are able to rely on their products just as I’ve been able to rely on KNF over the past few years.

Susanne Haas
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