Driving Digital Projects

Digitalization and the associated transformation have deep impacts on most industries, businesses, and the private sector. The KNF Group, therefore, has decided early on a group-wide, ambitioned and comprehensive digital strategy that has already brought many advancements in digitalization and continues to do so.


A result of the strategy was the eventual founding of the Digital Acceleration Center in 2018. Located in Hamburg, KNF DAC GmbH is one of the youngest locations within the KNF Group. The small team continues to grow with the increasing number of group-wide tasks and projects it initiates and manages.

We Accelerate Digitalization

We Accelerate Digitalization

As the name Digital Acceleration Center suggests, KNF DAC drives the group-wide digitalization. On an operational level, this includes topics like online marketing, customer relationship management, e-business, and knowledge management as well as external and internal communications.

Global Collaboration

Global Collaboration

KNF DAC is intentionally set to connect, to collaborate and to explore internationally. Like a binding link, the location collaborates closely with all KNF companies worldwide. This also means bringing people from many cultures together and working in cross-functional teams. 

Global Group, Family-owned

Global Group, Family-owned

KNF is the world market leader for diaphragm pumps. They are used for moving gases, liquids, and vapors as well as for creating vacuum. With over 900+ employees and operating 24 locations in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, the KNF Group is an international player. At the same time, we are a family-owned business with a history of over 75 years growing continuously and sustainably.

How We Work

How We Work

Working at KNF DAC means being responsible for complex as well as varied tasks. The work environment encourages collaborative working methods while keeping hierarchies flat. Our team members take on responsibility and are free to develop. Agile project management and a high degree of transparency make the foundation of our working principles.

We are Partner of the International University

As KNF DAC we support students of dual studies in the field of online marketing. In cooperation with IU, we offer a real work experience that combines theory and practice. The theoretical basics learned during the studies can thus be applied directly in everyday work.

Have a Look Inside

In addition to the shared spaces of WeWork, KNF DAC has a private office in the coworking space.
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