24 Good Deeds for Social Institutions in Our Employees’ Communities

A Good Deed Behind Every Door

With the Christmas season approaching, KNF has decided to help those less fortunate with an advent calendar full of heartfelt good deeds. Instead of Christmas presents, we are donating to social projects and campaigns. Have a peek at the charitable deeds behind the doors!

1. door

Hiding behind the first door of our Advent calendar of heartfelt good deeds: a Christmas tree!

It is going to adorn the Home for Parents of the Association for Children with Cancer Freiburg im Breisgau (Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder e.V. Freiburg, Elternhaus) in the weeks to come, hopefully bringing some light and hope to the advent period for the affected families.  

2. door

Elderly and sick animals are given a home at Gnadenhöfle Donkey Palace, Müllheim.

Hidden behind door number 2 is a monetary donation for the “Donkey Palace”. That’s how KNF shows its support for animal welfare for goats, chickens and all their four-legged and furry friends. 

3. door

Today, door number 3 reveals a donation for young homeless people. With the Freiburger Straßenschule project, they are given the invaluable opportunity to move into a safe space that they can call home. We’d like to donate a Christmas tree to the housing project as well as sending many good wishes for the future. 

4. door

The message behind door number 4 is: Being active is good for you! And the traditional German Christmas cookies known as Plätzchen taste great! So the KNF team will be racking up kilometers and baking treats by the pound. Then we’ll turn that into a monetary donation.

Today, our team will bake, walk and jog for the organization Jung & Krebs e.V. (Young and Living with Cancer). Of course, Nordic walking, short walks, cross-country skiing and cycling count too!

5. door

We’re stronger together. That’s why the self-help organization Jung & Krebs e.V. (Young and Living with Cancer) aims to help young people with cancer directly as well as providing advice and engaging in research.

Door number 5 opens to reveal another monetary donation to the organization. That’s also been made possible by the hard work of the KNF team to rack up kilometers and many pounds of flour that have gone into our baking. Thank you all so much for a total of 93 kilometers and 7 pounds!

6. door

A whole sack of candy can be heavy to carry, so of course the Nikolaus will have a whole host of eager helpers: Knecht Ruprecht, the angels, and the lovely members of the KNF team who have packed “stockings” full of goodies for the children of employees. Also in the little bags: a personal letter from the Nikolaus himself. We can’t wait to see the beaming faces! 

7. door

Living independently in your own home: That’s how most of us envisage the last few years of our lives. Organizations such as the day care center for the elderly Prälat-Stiefvater-Haus make that possible.

We’ve donated a Christmas tree to adorn the facility this advent season, and that’s what’s behind door 7 of our Advent calendar of heartfelt good deeds. 

8. door

“Every person has the right to food, nobody should have to beg for that”, says the Freiburger Förderverein Essenstreff e.V. food bank. We’re glad to support them on the ground by helping to give out food to those who need it. Many colleagues have volunteered at the organization today: Advent calendar of heartfelt good deeds door number 8.

9. door

Advent calendar of heartfelt good deeds door number 9 opens for the Karl Josef hospice. Here, people in their last stage of life, as well as their relatives are cared for intensively in terms of nursing, medical and mental support. We would like to support these moments of families being together with a cake donation for their afternoon tea. 

10. door

Advent calendar of heartfelt good deeds door number 10 supports families, single parents as well as grandparents in emergency social situations.

Our colleagues collected clothes, essential items for children and other household items for the SOS-Kleiderstube in Hausen a.d.M. which gives out emergency clothing and other household items. Christmas is the time for giving. 

11. door

Day 11 marks another “money for kilometers/pounds of flour” donation. All the kilometers and bakes that colleagues cover and make will be turned into a monetary donation. And the Haus des Lebens (House of Life) in Freiburg is already looking forward to the donation. It supports pregnant women in emergency situations and young mothers in difficult personal or social situations. Here, the mothers are given a safe and secure space as well as support to prepare for the birth and where they can form a stable relationship with their child. 

12. door

There’s something behind door 12 that’s also for the Haus des Lebens in Freiburg. Once again, our colleagues have been tirelessly jogging and baking: We can now convert 60 km and 8 pounds of flour into donations. We would like to say a huge THANK YOU!

13. door

At KNF we know that our employees always give everything their all – putting blood, sweat and tears into it.

And on day 13 they take that literally! Several colleagues are giving blood at a German Red Cross event. THANK YOU to our wonderful team! 

14. door

Lots of little packages are hidden behind door 14: The AWO Workers’ Welfare Association in Freiburg presents elderly people in need with lovingly packed surprises. The KNF team is delighted to contribute to the event by donating gifts. 

15. door

Arche Noah Freiburg und Umgebung e.V. takes abandoned, stray and abused animals under their wing. We support this important local contribution to animal protection by the volunteers with the monetary donation behind door 15 and hope the four-legged residents soon find a home with loving families. 

16. door

We support the invaluable work of the Salvation Army Freiburg with Advent calendar of heartfelt good deeds door number 16. Many team members have volunteered to help pack Christmas goody bags. These goodie bags have been made possible through the donation of items by companies. They will be handed out as Christmas presents to the guests at the open café Insel. We are grateful to have been able to make an active contribution.

17. door

Since having food on the table isn’t a given for everyone, we will collect food donations for people with low income. These will go to the Tafel food bank in Freiburg with door 17 of our Advent calendar of heartfelt good deeds. 

18. door

Movement is a must this weekend, either doing sport or in the kitchen baking lots of treats! Behind door number 18 of our Advent calendar of heartfelt good deeds, all the kilometers KNF staff cover on that day and all the flour they turn into baked goods will be counted and turned into a monetary donation for Refudocs Freiburg e.V., helping provide medical care for refugees, asylum seekers and their children. We hope that our monetary donation makes a difference. 

19. door

Refudocs Freiburg e.V is an association that stands for the medical care for refugees, asylum seekers and their children. Another monetary donation is hiding behind door 19 of our Advent calendar of heartfelt good deeds for this organization. To do our bit for this important work, several colleagues have racked up over 63 kilometers doing sport and baked with 17 pounds of flour in the kitchen that we will now turn into a monetary donation. Our heartfelt thanks to all!

20. door

The train station mission helps everyone. And with door number 20, KNF helps the train station mission. To do so, KNF will take on the costs for all food and drinks for those in need for an entire day. That’s our small contribution to the essential work of the train station mission. 

21. door

The gift behind door 21 will go straight into the local community: The children at Kindergarten Freiburg-Munzingen can look forward to a number of nice new items that are essential for looking after the smallest members of our community. That will definitely put a smile on everyone’s faces in the new year! 

22. door

Only two more days! Behind day 22 of the Advent calendar of heartfelt good deeds is a large quantity of food for the animals at the animal protection association Tierschutzverein Freiburg e.V. Once again the KNF team was very generous with donations – a huge thank you to all!

23. door

Sports clubs make an important contribution to our local community. That’s why there is a gift for SV Munzingen behind door 23: KNF will pay for the purchase of much-needed items at the club and of course we’ll keep our fingers crossed for the sporting success of our local club! 

24. door

The last door of our Advent calendar of heartfelt good deeds goes to the Korczak-Haus Freiburg e.V. With this we send a monetary donation to the special needs education counselling and education center and wish a Merry Christmas a festive period to one and to all. Happy Christmas!