NPK 012 Swing Piston Vacuum Pump and Compressor

Technical Features

Features & Benefits


The following accessories are available:
13.5 l/min

Maximum flow rate at atm. pressure

140 mbar abs.

Ultimate vacuum

5.0 bar rel.

Maximum operating pressure

Up to 60 °C

Extended temperature range for media temperatures

High level of performance in a compact size and light-weight

The pump can start against the entire pressure and vacuum range without discharging

Brushless DC motor for custom-fit rotational speed control

High pressure up to 5 bar rel./72.5 psig

Robust design

Excellent price/performance ratio

Inlet filter
Housing cover set

consisting of a cover for closing the housing with 4 fixing screws

Base plate set

consisting of a base plate with 4 fixing screws


Flexible Support from Start to Finish – your added value is our priority
KNF modular system exemplified by the N 816 diaphragm vacuum pump
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Familiarize yourself with the technical details of our NPK 012 swing piston vacuum pump and compressor.

NPK 012 Product overview

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