When it comes to the maintenance of our pumps, our standards are quite clear: we like long maintenance intervals and few replacement parts.


Our gas pumps are very durable. Economic efficiency, that is, total cost of ownership of our pumps is important to us, which is why we take this into account in the development of every new gas pump series.


Judge the easy maintenance for yourself by taking a look at our latest three gas pump series.

Maintenance Without Dismantling for the N 922 Pump Series

Emission measurement systems in particular are often difficult to access and long maintenance cycles are therefore an important criterion. Depending on the area of application, only the diaphragm and the valves of the N 922 need to be replaced about once a year. Thanks to the special robust design, this can even be carried out on assembled analysis systems using standard tools, ensuring that the measurement technology remains ready for operation even under extreme conditions.

Maintenance of the N 922 pump series

The N 96 Pump Series is Maintained in Record Time

The maintenance video is 03:25 minutes long. And this is the actual amount of time needed to maintain this pump series.

Maintenance of the N 96 pump series

Easy Maintenance Even for “Large” Pumps Such As the N 630

You will even find it easy to make our “large” pumps – that is, pumps with capacities of more than 30 l/min – fit for their next use uncomplicated and your own with our step-by-step maintenance videos.

Maintenance of the N 630 gas pump series
Maintenance of the N 630 pump series with double diaphragm

Would You Like to Find Out More About Our Easy-to-Service Pumps?

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