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Hydrogen or H2 is one of the most promising energy carriers for a decarbonized green future. When produced with renewable energy, it does not contribute to global warming as only water vapor remains when it is burned. However, it is difficult to handle hydrogen as it is an explosive gas that leaks easily and causes hydrogen embrittlement. Therefore, KNF offers special hydrogen pumps able to cope with the medium and satisfy even the most demanding requirements of customers from all industries and applications.


With a company history of over 75 years and many years of experience in the H2 sector, KNF has proven to be a reliable partner. Worldwide locations ensure that pumps are reliably available on a local level and offer service and consulting in the local language.

All Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Applications

KNF hydrogen pumps are used in countries around the world in many industrial sectors. They deliver H2 to fuel cells, powering hydrogen fuel cell vehicles like forklifts, busses, airport vehicles or marine vessels. In buildings, KNF pumps are the backbone of fuel cells for emergency and backup power generation.

In addition, they play an important role in handling and refining processes like transportation, storage and methane pyrolysis. Methane pyrolysis is a process where natural gas is turned into H2, storing the carbon safely away instead of releasing it into the atmosphere.

KNF hydrogen pumps are reliable, gas-tight and extremely safe as well as fully customizable.
KNF hydrogen pumps are reliable, gas-tight and extremely safe as well as fully customizable.
KNF hydrogen pumps are reliable, gas-tight and extremely safe as well as fully customizable.

Providing Answers for Future H2 Technologies

As researchers and engineers worldwide are working to improve the way hydrogen is used, new and advanced technologies will evolve, and new fields of application and markets will emerge. This will also change the requirements for hydrogen pumps used in these currently unforeseeable technologies.

With the modular system by KNF that allows for rapid customization of diaphragm pumps, these new occurring challenges can be faced easily and reliably. Customers can, for example, specify the gas tightness needed, the motors used, the material of the pump and the flow rate. This enables customers to react quickly to the new and ever-changing requirements of the future H2 market.

Hydrogen Pumps With Outstanding Gas Tightness

One of the most important aspects of hydrogen systems is complete gas tightness. H2 is an explosive gas which is why in most systems, sensors detect leaks. When leaked hydrogen is detected, the systems usually shut down. Leaks are, therefore, not only a problem in terms of safety but also in terms of productivity and reliability. In addition, gas leaks are problematic as they not only emit gas to the surroundings but also let air into the H2, resulting in gas impurities.


Therefore, KNF works hard to ensure the highest gas tightness in the industry. To achieve this, the gas-tight performance of every single KNF hydrogen pump is tested individually before delivery – an unparalleled standard. If desired, customers can choose an even more stringent testing option using helium.

Tailored Solutions for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

In fuel cell applications, a pump normally feeds H2 to the fuel cell controlling the output. Fuel cell pumps therefore need to offer precise adjustability and a large modulation range for their flow rate. This is especially important when the pump is used in a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle as it determines the power output of the fuel cell and therefore the speed of the vehicle and other functions. KNF offers intelligent motor drives that ensure such precise operations and provide a wide range of flow rate modulation.

In addition, KNF produces pumps with DC motors which are advantageous when used in fuel cell vehicles. As hydrogen fuel cell technology delivers DC power, a DC motor does not require a DC/AC converter reducing complexity and increasing energy efficiency.

Reliable in Every Aspect

At KNF, reliability is taken seriously in every area. KNF pumps provide a very long service life and are extremely low maintenance, ensuring continuous and flawless operation over long periods of time. If needed, explosion-proof certification like IECEx, ATEX, or NEC is available. Find out more about KNF H2 pump tailored to your specific needs.

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