At the Heart of Medical Equipment: Manufacturers Choose KNF Diaphragm Pumps as Key Component

KNF gas and liquid pumps for medical devices have demonstrated their effectiveness in a wide range of applications that serve all stages of therapy: From the preparation and care of surgical and dental instruments, to the surgical procedure, radiation technology, wound management, intensive care equipment and other post-treatment equipment. Medical equipment manufacturers benefit from patented structured and zoned diaphragms, which are characterized by high power density and gas tightness. KNF pumps are also characterized by quiet running and low-vibration operation when used close to the patient. Areas and functions served by KNF medical diaphragm pumps include but are not limited to the functions described on this page.

KNF Pumps for Medical Devices: Fields of Application


Pumps used in autoclaves must meet a unique set of operating parameters to be successful. KNF is familiar with that required performance and has optimized its pump designs for fast chamber evacuation, high flow at deep vacuum and the ability to handle moist and high temperature media. KNF autoclave pumps are designed to meet Class B pre- and post-vacuum requirements.


KNF medical diaphragm pumps are quiet sources of vacuum and pressure to drive intra-aortic balloon pumps (IABP), ventricular assist devices (VAD), and other cardio system support devices. Our solutions also support heart mapping and cryotherapy to diagnose and treat atrial fibrillation, aspiration to remove vascular blockages as well as excimer gas recirculation and replenishment.


Various procedures and treatments count on KNF’s dependable products, where pump reliability and low audible noise are keys to system success. Areas of use in cosmetic applications include: laser treatments, vacuum dermabrasion, cellulite & fat cell treatment as well as electro-physical therapy.


We realize that dental equipment manufacturers must follow similar guidelines and agency approvals as medical equipment manufacturers. KNF pumps are successful with mixers, degassers, ovens, grinders, and even 3D printers for the manufacture of teeth, as well as drills, lasers, ultrasonic cleaners, and other periodontal, surgical, and cleaning & disinfecting equipment.


During dialysis, excess waste products are removed from the patient's blood with support of a dialyzer. KNF pumps for medical devices are engineered to assist with movement of all fluids and filter preparation, and the pneumatic needs of the dialyzer – for both hemo as well as peritoneal dialysis. Our pumps for medical devices are successful due to their high performance and reliability integrated into small, energy efficient, lightweight and quiet-operating pumps.

Endoscope Cleaning

Between patients, endoscopes and their accessories such as biopsy forceps are thoroughly cleaned of all body fluids and any possible microbes. Our liquid, gas, or swing piston pumps are commonly used to reprocess endoscopes. For medical devices in this field, KNF pumps are reliable and vital components. Their functions include but are not limited to pumping of cleaning fluid inside and outside the endoscope, leak testing, filter checks, instrument drying, maintaining positive pressure in cabinet and disposal of used liquids.

ENT – Ear, Nose & Throat

Diseases of the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) are very common conditions in patients. Our sales engineers have years of successful experience in this area in collaboration with medical equipment manufacturers. Besides other functions, KNF pumps are utilized in ear flush applications as well as to aspirate the waste for waste collection (also via vacuum-over-liquid). In trachea spray applications, diaphragm gas and swing piston gas pumps can nebulize medicines or liquids.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

For Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), we optimize our pumps for quick evacuation, speed to replenish vacuum, moisture tolerance, and silent operation, ensuring reduced treatment times and lowering the risk of infection. Our medical diaphragm pumps serve the entire range of device types; tabletop vs. portable vs. wearable, long life vs. disposable, and continuous run vs. speed controlled, all optimized to meet efficiency, size, weight, and depth of vacuum requirements. Pump functions provided by our solutions include system evacuation and vacuum-level maintenance.

Non-Invasive Therapy / Orthopedics

Quiet and reliable: Our medical diaphragm pumps and compressors support many therapies, whether for use in hospitals, offices, or home. KNF pumps are easily customized to provide the right performance, size & weight, efficiency, and cost. Non-invasive therapies that utilize KNF pumps include circulation assist therapy for deep vein thrombosis (DVT), lymphedema, and sports injuries where high flows and quiet operation are important; shock wave therapy and lithotripsy; cupping therapy and electro-physical therapy as well as temperature management therapy for stroke and injury swelling.

Pulmonary Function

KNF pumps are used within three main types of respiratory monitoring/therapy devices: ventilators, monitors for CO2 or anesthesia, and nebulizers. These critical devices and their components typically require speed control, chemical compatibility, quiet operation and a long lifetime.

Suction Units

Found in operating rooms as well as portable settings, these devices aspirate mucus and other bodily fluids from a patient. They may be portable for use in ambulances and on the patient, and thus require attention to size, weight, noise and power consumption (battery life). Common applications include general surgery, liposuction and emergency aspiration. Ultrasonic aspirators, in addition to applying suction, irrigate with water and use ultrasound to debride and clean wound sites or remove hard tumors.

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