A Relationship Built on Mutual Trust

Employee anniversaries 2020: KNF says thank you!

As 2020 draws to a close, KNF, a world market leader for diaphragm pumps, would like to thank its long-standing employees.

Once again, an impressive number of employees have reached milestone anniversaries this year, marking decades of contributions to the company’s ongoing success. Managing Director Günter Emig expressed his gratitude to 22 especially loyal employees.


KNF congratulates them on their combined 470 years of service:

- 5 people are celebrating their 10th anniversary,

- 8 people their 20th anniversary,

- 4 people their 25th anniversary,

- and 4 people have been with KNF for 30 years.

One employee has even been with KNF for 40 years!


Employee appreciation is very important to KNF, which is why a positive working environment and countless benefits are a matter of course at the company’s location in Freiburg-Munzingen. These advantages, along with the pump manufacturer’s diverse range of training programs, have helped KNF rank among the top SME employers for many years.