ACHEMA: New Pumps for Mobile Gas Analysis Devices

Small, light and high-performance

KNF pumps for gas analysis using hand-held and portable devices

Small, light and high-performance — key qualities that manufacturers of portable measurement, monitoring and analytical systems require from pump technology. KNF, a technology leader in the field of diaphragm pumps, will show two new products at ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt. Together, the NMP 03 and N 816 capture a wide range of applications in mobile gas analysis.

Micro diaphragm gas sampling pump NMP 03

One of the most important tasks in gas analysis is ensuring occupational health and safety for employees, as well as protecting facilities against explosions and hazardous incidents. Hand-held devices, or mobile analyzers, are often used for this purpose.


The requirements for the integrated pumps in terms of size, weight, noise levels and operating current are particularly demanding, as these parameters have a significant impact on the quality of the device. The new NMP 03 micro gas sampling pump is specially designed for maximum performance in these areas. Very low power consumption levels conserve battery power, meaning that the gas analyzers benefit from long operating periods without charging. In addition, their intrinsic safety allows them to be used in explosion-proof zones. And the NMP 03 is impressively light and compact, measuring just 11 grams and 24 mm in length.

Diaphragm gas pump N 816

KNF designed the N 816 in response to the growing demand in the market for durability and robustness. Even over the long term, the N 816 stands up to humidity and condensation without incurring any damage. The pump head components that come into contact with the medium are made from the chemically resistant materials PPS, EPDM, PTFE or FFPM. These design features mean that even corrosive and aggressive sample gases can be handled safely and reliably.


The key technical characteristics of this diaphragm gas pump include a flow rate of up to 16 l/min and an ultimate vacuum of 100 mbar abs. The pump’s small size supports space-saving solutions and facilitates system integration in mobile gas analyzers.


As the long-time solutions provider for well-known manufacturers of gas analysis devices, KNF is intimately familiar with the specific needs of the industry. KNF’s activities thus focus not just on delivering a technically suitable pump but also on creating added value, e.g. through tailored storage and logistics concepts. The flexibility of the production methods makes it possible to customize pumps for individual clients even with small production numbers.