ATEX Pump Series N 0150 EX Now With CE Marking

Pump series counts as completed machinery

The diaphragm gas pumps in the N 0150 Ex, N 0150.1.2 Ex and N 0150.3 Ex series are categorized as completed machinery following a modification and now carry the CE marking.

Thanks to a change in the standard design, the ATEX pumps in the N 0150 Ex series now meet the requirements for a CE marking in accordance with the machinery directive 2006/42/EC.


The compact diaphragm gas pumps now come fixed to a pedestal as standard. This modification means the pump series is sturdier and counts as completed machinery under EU law. 

With their high chemical resistance and long service life, the N 0150 Ex pumps are suited for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in process manufacturing and the chemical industry.