Easy-to-Service, Chemically Resistant Gas Sampling Pump

New N 922 diaphragm pump offers low operating costs

Emissions measuring instruments make an important contribution to the observance of environmental regulations on a daily basis. KNF has been helping its clients to perform gas analysis for decades, offering bespoke gas sampling solutions. With its new N 922 diaphragm gas sampling pump, KNF meets the latest market requirements.

The N 922 stands out for being extremely easy to service in all regards throughout its service life. The only parts that have to be replaced are the diaphragm and valves. Depending on how the pump is used, this maintenance work must be performed once a year and can be easily carried out using a standard tool. The robustly designed pump can also be serviced in challenging environments without incurring damage. Few replacement parts, long periods between required maintenance work and low costs for spare parts all add up to pleasingly low operating costs.


Compared with the previous model (N 726 FTE), the more technologically advanced N 922 can operate at higher ambient temperatures of up to 60oC. The pump has a flow rate of 16 l/min, which can be optionally adjusted using a bypass valve. It achieves an ultimate vacuum of at least 200 mbar abs and has an operating overpressure of 2 bar.


The N 922 gas sampling pump is chemically resistant, making it suitable for use with very aggressive gases. Since it is intended for use in gas analysis equipment, the diaphragm pump has been designed to be especially durable. To allow condensate to be discharged, the compressor housing can be moved in increments of 90 degrees separately from the motor in order to be positioned as required. The motor meets IP55 standards.