Ground Broken for Multimillion-Euro Project

Expansion of KNF head office in Freiburg-Munzingen

Top KNF executives were applauded by staff as they broke the ground for the expansion of the company’s head office in Freiburg-Munzingen. The building project, with a total volume of over 5 million euros, should be completed by fall 2019.

An average of 91,000 diaphragm gas pumps are currently produced at the site every year. The expansion will allow KNF to keep pace with the steadily growing volume of orders. As well as an additional administrative building, it includes an enlargement of the production area from 4,000 to 5,000 m2. The extra space is urgently needed — there are plans to boost staffing by around one third in the coming years, taking the number of employees from 220 to around 300.


The company invited staff and neighbors to celebrate the official approval of the building project. Company founder Erich Becker, KNF Group CEO Martin Becker and KNF Neuberger Freiburg CEO Günter Emig broke the ground for the multimillion-euro project to enthusiastic applause along with Marc Prettner, a partner in the Freiburg architectural firm mbpk, which is carrying out the work.


KNF Neuberger GmbH was founded in Freiburg in 1946. The head office were relocated to Freiburg-Munzingen in 1969 on the back of rising demand. With innovative products manufactured to high standards within Germany, the company has become a technology leader for tailor-made diaphragm pump solutions. It has kept pace with global expansion by repeatedly adapting its manufacturing, warehousing and administrative capacities as requirements have evolved over the years.