High Performance for Medical Device Technology

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The N 96 is a powerful pump for medical device technology

The N 96 is suited for all procedures requiring reliable or precise transfer of liquid or gaseous media. Compact and high-performing, it can transfer even aggressive or corrosive gases and liquid-gas mixtures. Its robust design means it can be used with a broad spectrum of media at temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius.  

With an EPDM membrane or a PTFE coated membrane, the N 96 is chemically resistant and highly tolerant of vapor and condensate. This makes it perfectly suited for the typical task of gentle, precise preparation and transfer of samples for analysis. The N 96 is also ideal for safely aspirating mixed liquid chemical waste.


With a highly efficient brushless direct current motor and rotational speed control, the diaphragm pump can dynamically meet the requirements of complex operating profiles. The N 96 emits relatively little heat itself while being suited for use at ambient temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius. The pump can start up without discharge in the range of 2.5 bar relative pressure or 100 mbar abs vacuum. The flow rate is as high as 8.5 l/min.