KNF at Expoquimia

Pump innovations for the chemical industries

From September 14–17, 2021, Expoquimia will once again open its doors in Barcelona, Spain. It is the largest trade fair for the chemical industry in the Mediterranean region.

KNF will be presenting in hall 3, D136 a large range of new pumps for the uncontaminated handling of media. These diaphragm pumps are used as vacuum pumps in laboratories as well as installed in equipment for tasks at key positions in gas analysis, emission measurement and process industries as well as instrumental analysis. Focus is on the Laboport laboratory pump, N 630, N 922, N 96, NPK 06 and NMP 850 HP series that will be presented at Expoquimia for the very first time.

Laboratory pump technology with a unique design

The Laboport series
LABOPORT® N 96 | max. 7 l/min | max. 130 mbar abs.
LABOPORT® N 820 G | max. 20 l/min | max. 6 mbar abs.
LABOPORT® N 840 G | max. 34 l/min | max. 6 mbar abs.
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KNF presents the new series KNF Laboport pumps with a modern and creative new concept. The models N 96, N 820 G, and N 840 G have been redesigned to deliver their well-known, reliable performance in a striking modern design.


The redesigned Laboport pump range allows for easy handling and efficiency, other key points to note are: a three-color status display (for operation, standby, and faults) and operating elements that are designed to be user friendly now make handling this equipment even more pleasant. An integrated gas ballast valve facilitates short process times, even for high-boiling solvents, and is incorporated into the pump head.


The new laboratory pumps stand out thanks to their speed control and chemical resistance to aggressive, corrosive gases. The universal chemical resistance of this laboratory pump series allows users to utilize them reliably in a wide range of laboratory applications. Depending on the model, the pumps are also ATEX-compliant and can be used in a variety of applications.

The versatile N 630 gas pump series

Comprises Ex and non-Ex versions
N 630.3 Ex: max. 35 l/min | 0.5 bar rel. | 25 mbar abs.
N 630.3: max. 35 l/min | 0.5 bar rel. | 25 mbar abs.
N 630 Ex: max. 35 l/min | 4 bar rel. | 120 mbar abs.
N 630: max. 35 l/min | 7 bar rel. | 120 mbar abs.
N 630.15 Ex: max. 35 l/min | 9 bar rel. | 70 mbar abs.
N 630.15: max. 35 l/min | 12 bar rel. | 70 mbar abs.
N 630.1.2 Ex: max. 68 l/min | 4 bar rel. | 120 mbar abs.
N 630.1.2: max. 68 l/min | 7 bar rel. | 120 mbar abs.
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The diaphragm gas pumps of this series transfer and compress gases and vapors and generate a vacuum without contaminating the media. They can therefore be used for many applications in research, energy technology, process manufacturing, and the chemical and petrochemical industry.


The N 630 gas pump series comprises Ex and non-Ex versions. Robustness, durability and long service life characterize this series.


All Ex and non-Ex versions are available as a single-headed model or with twin heads connected in parallel or in series. Users who wish to double down on safety can do so by choosing a model featuring an additional double diaphragm. This is typically needed for noble gas or hazardous gas applications. An optional water cooling system can also be installed to enhance non-Ex versions to handle environment and media temperatures of up to +60 degrees Celsius.


The non-Ex versions are equipped with either an EPDM or a PTFE-coated diaphragm, the Ex-version exclusively with a PTFE-coated diaphragm. Pumps from the N 630 series can achieve flow rates of up to 68 l/min, an ultimate vacuum of up to 25 mbar abs as well as pressure of up to 12 bar g. The protection class of the pump section is IP20, and the motor offers IP55 protection. It can be used at 50 or 60 Hz and is designed to be operated with a frequency converter. This allows the pump’s rotational speed to be set to any operating point.

The easy-to-service N 922 pump series

For stationary emission measurements
N 922 STE Ex: max. 23 l/min | 2.5 bar rel. | 110 mbar abs.
N 922 STE: max. 25 l/min | 6 bar rel. | 110 mbar abs.
N 922 STE: max. 25 l/min | 6 bar rel. | 110 mbar abs.
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The chemically resistant, oil-free N 922 diaphragm vacuum pump transfers media reliably and with low maintenance requirements. Depending on the area of application, the diaphragm and the valves of the N 922 only need to be replaced about once a year. Few wearing parts, long periods between required maintenance work and low inspection costs all add up to advantageously low operating costs.


The gas pump is also now available in two new non-Ex versions and a new Ex version, all with stainless steel pump heads, making it suitable for even more applications. The new models are highly leak-tight in keeping with KNF’s standards, and they feature substantially higher values in all the key areas compared to previous PTFE pump head versions, with a flow rate of up to 25 l/min, up to 110 mbar abs depth of vacuum and up to 6 bar g of pressure. This makes them particularly convenient, for example, as gas sample pumps for stationary emissions measurements or gas compression in the power generation industry.


Using geodetic discharge, the compressor housing in the N 922 can be moved in increments of 90 degrees separately from the motor in order to be appropriately positioned for condensate draining.


In non-Ex versions, users can choose from three separate AC motors. With the IP20 protection class, the single-phase AC motor with a terminal box covers a broad voltage range of 100–120 V and 50/60 Hz, as well as 200–240 V and 50/60 Hz. An additional IP54 protection class single-phase AC motor with a terminal box covers a voltage range of 100–120 V and 50/60 Hz, 230 V and 50 Hz, as well as 220 V and 60 Hz. Another IP54 protection class motor is the three-phase AC motor for 230/400 V and 50/60 Hz that can be operated with a frequency converter.


The Ex DE motor with protection class IP66 is ATEX-compliant and certified by IECEx (incl. CCOE, NEPSI, KOSHA).

The N 96 pump series for complex operating profiles

For gas sampling analysis
N 96 with aluminum/stainless steel pump head: max. 7 l/min | 2.5 bar rel. | 130 mbar abs.
N 96 with PPS pump head: max. 8.5 l/min | 2.5 bar rel. | 100 mbar abs.
N 96 with PPS pump head and AC/DC converter: max. 8.5 l/min | 2.5 bar rel. | 100 mbar abs.
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Small, light and high-performance – key qualities that manufacturers of portable measurement, monitoring and analytical systems require from pump technology. What’s more, the N 96 gas sampling pump also accommodates complex operating profiles. This dynamic profile is made possible by PWM control of the efficient, brushless DC motor. The N 96 emits relatively little heat itself while being suited for use at ambient temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius. The pump can start up without discharge in the range of 2.5 bar relative pressure or 100 mbar abs vacuum, respectively. The maximum flow rate is as high as 8.5 l/min. If necessary, the maximum positive pressure can be increased to up to 4 bar g – a distinct advantage for obtaining zero air in filter systems with back pressures of up to 3 bar.


When used for gas analysis, the pump produces reliable and precise liquid or gaseous samples for evaluation. The EPDM- or PTFE-coated diaphragm ensures safe use with aggressive and/or corrosive media. Its chemically resistant design and very high tolerance of vapor and condensate means the N 96 can be used with a broad spectrum of media at temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius. These pumps can transfer, evacuate and compress media oil free and without contamination.


The N 96 pump series features compact versions with AC/DC converter and PPS, stainless steel or aluminum pump heads. This allows for a broader range of applications, now encompassing the handling of valuable and hazardous gases such as tritium. Demanding media which may require greater gas tightness – such as hydrogen, nitrogen and helium – can also be handled safely.


The wide-range power supply unit mounted to the compressor housing enables the pump to be used across the globe, regardless of the local power grid voltage. The pump head can also be rotated in 90-degree intervals, allowing for the connections to be positioned as needed. Fastening holes located on the side of the pump housing facilitate tubeless connection via o-ring adapters attached to a manifold.

The NPK 06 impresses with its outstanding performance and versatility.
The NPK 06 impresses with its outstanding performance and versatility.

NPK 06: Quiet but powerful

Optimized for applications in instrumental analysis, this micro swing piston pump ensures the reliable supply of liquid or gaseous samples. With its very quiet operation and minimal vibration, it is ideally suited for transferring biological samples for analysis without contamination. The pump head is made of highly chemically resistant PPS and the piston seal features a durable PTFE composite material.

When designing the swing piston pump, developers worked hard to maximize flow rate while keeping pump size compact. And they succeeded. The new NPK 06 boasts a flow rate of 8 l/min, with an operating pressure of up to 5.5 bar rel and an ultimate vacuum of 250 mbar abs. Including its brushless DC motor, the NPK 06 weighs just 455 grams and comes in 12 V and 24 V versions. Thanks to the KNF modular system, the motor, connecting plate and eccentric can all be adapted to meet customer needs.

The NMP 850 HP is a versatile pump for instrumental analysis.
The NMP 850 HP is a versatile pump for instrumental analysis.

The NMP 850 HP series is a versatile pump for instrumental analysis

With a flow rate of up to 16 l/min, the micro diaphragm pump can be used for a multitude of instrumental analysis applications, for example the disposal of sample residues. The analysis of biological samples generates mixtures of liquid chemical waste, which is why a robust and reliable pump is needed. KNF’s development team met this need by coming up with a pump head made of resistant PPS, seals made of highly chemically resistant FFKM, FKM or EPDM, and an FKM, PTFE respectively EPDM diaphragm.

The single-headed version of the NMP 850 HP processes samples and transfers them to be analyzed, either as a liquid in gas-over-liquid form or as a gas.

The double-headed version of the micro diaphragm pump can be used for degassing liquid samples. Dissolved gases in the samples may affect analytical accuracy, reproducibility and performance. When integrated into analytical systems, the specific vacuum can be adjusted via speed-controlled motors, ensuring accurate results.

Both the single-headed and the double-headed variant of the compact, high-performance NMP 850 HP can be fitted in any position. This opens up a multitude of possible analytical applications for the users of this micro diaphragm gas pump.

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