KNF Highly Recommended Without Exception

KNF conducts customer satisfaction survey

KNF Neuberger GmbH has been supplying pump solutions for customers in business, industry and science for over 70 years now. A recent survey has confirmed that our customers see us as an equal partner.

A significant majority of the respondents are very satisfied with KNF’s services, often citing communication as grounds for their assessment. And this is no coincidence. “As a specialist in high-quality diaphragm pumps and system components for the OEM sector, it is our task to provide our customers with custom-fit solutions,” says CMO Philip Neumann. “Of course, this only works if we listen carefully and ask the right questions.”


“We are very pleased with the positive feedback we have received,” CEO Günter Emig confirms. “At the same time, we will use customers’ remarks to continue to improve our processes with their specific needs in mind. Our customers have been very clear about the areas where they expect even more from us. It is not a time to sit back and relax. On the contrary, we are continuing to work on our path to excellence.”


Phocus DC conducted the unbiased customer satisfaction analysis on KNF’s behalf, surveying the manufacturer’s 50 OEM customers in Germany with the highest revenue.