KNF’s 2020 Advent Calendar of Heartfelt Good Deeds

24 good deeds for social institutions in our employees’ communities

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words – and with enthusiastic support from our employees, KNF will be opening a door on our Advent calendar of heartfelt good deeds every day until Christmas Eve.

(German: KNF Herz-Adventskalender)

Each opened door reveals a good deed done in favor of a social or cultural institution in our company’s and employees’ local area. These are institutions which are strongly committed to providing warm-hearted care to people or animals.

And the good deeds are manifold – from Christmas tree deliveries to food donations for animals, and in some cases even personal time spent to provide on-site support. Some free-time activities can even be counted as a gift behind a door. For instance, employees will have the opportunity to record the distances they jog on each weekend of Advent in kilometers or the total mass of the flour they bake into their Christmas goodies and share these numbers with KNF to be converted into monetary donations.


Committed to promoting the general welfare, KNF always seeks to provide help where it is needed. In order to keep the focus on these efforts, the pump manufacturer will not be sending gifts to its customers.


The doors to the Advent calendar of good deeds can be accessed on the KNF website as well as on LinkedIn starting on December 1.