New Developments for DOD and CIJ Printing Systems

KNF Neuberger at InPrint 2019

From November 12 to 14, 2019, international decision makers as well as manufacturers and suppliers of cutting-edge printing solutions will come together at InPrint 2019 in Munich. KNF, the experts in robust and maintenance-free diaphragm pumps, will be displaying innovations in continuous ink transfer at booth 715 in hall A6.

Optimized transfer

KNF recommends its FK 1100 and FK 1.1100 diaphragm liquid pumps, for example, for an ink supply that meets the needs of customers’ processes. The sophisticated design enables direct, leak-proof integration into customers’ systems without any complications. Even low-viscosity inks can be moved through the printing system to the print head at pressures of up to 6 bar with no losses.


The FK 1100 and FK 1.1100 are marked by their low pulsing and exceptional linearity. Three diaphragms work together inside the pump head. They are set at 120° angles to one another and connected in parallel, leading to very low pulsing. The gentle transition minimizes shearing forces, and this careful transfer protects sensitive pigments.


The modular system developed in-house at KNF offers brushless DC motors and AC motors. The rotational speed of the brushless DC motors can be controlled via analog or digital signals to enable low flow rates as needed. Both models offer flow rates of up to 12.4 l/min with a suction head of up to 4.5 mWs.


Very low pulsation

Thanks to a flow rate of up to 4.4 l/min, the FP 400 diaphragm liquid pump is particularly well suited to ink circulation. KNF has managed to horizontally arrange five diaphragms on a single level for the first time, ensuring very low pulsing on both the pressure and suction sides. With this advantage, which was previously only possible with gear pump technology due to design constraints, the FP 400 has a unique selling point. The typical secondary measures for avoiding pulsing are no longer needed. The functional advantages tied to diaphragm pump technology also come into play — this pump is self-priming and maintenance-free and can operate dry. This model’s minimal shearing forces also work to preserve inks. The FP 400 offers IP65 protection.


KNF covers all requirements with its robust pumps and flexible modular system suited to both DOD and CIJ printing systems. The parameters of all its series models can be adapted to meet customers’ individual needs, no matter how unusual or complex.