Optimizations for the Diaphragm Pump Family N 838

Improved gas flow for analysis/medical device technology

KNF has captured the market with its gas pumps in the N 838 series which are used in numerous devices in analysis and medical device technology. This success can be attributed to the flow rate of up to 60 l/min and the ultimate vacuum of up to 90 mbar abs in an extremely compact design.

The specialist for diaphragm pumps has now reworked the combination of components involved in the transfer of gas, optimizing the valve construction which consists of valve plates and sealing rings. In addition, the connection method for pump heads in the parallel connecting system has also been redesigned.


All in all, the improvements serve to ensure a more efficient gas flow through the pump head.


A range of single and double-headed series models with AC, DC and DCB motors are available. Thanks to the KNF modular system, each of these series models can be quickly and easily adapted to suit the specific needs of the end device and application.