Quiet but Powerful

NPK 06 Swing Piston Pump

The NPK 06 impresses with its outstanding performance and versatility

The new NPK 06, a swing piston vacuum pump and compressor that is both compact and powerful

Optimized for applications in instrumental analysis, this micro swing piston pump ensures the reliable supply of liquid or gaseous samples. With its very quiet operation and minimal vibration, it is ideally suited for transferring biological samples for analysis without contamination. The pump head is made of highly chemically resistant PPS and the flask seal features a durable PTFE composite material.


When designing the swing piston pump, developers worked hard to maximize flow rate while keeping pump size compact. And they succeeded. The new NPK 06 boasts a flow rate of 8 l/min, with an operating pressure of up to 5.5 bar rel and an ultimate vacuum of 250 mbar abs. Including its brushless DC motor, the NPK 06 weighs just 455 grams and comes in 12 V and 24 V options. Thanks to the KNF modular system, the motor, connecting plate and eccentric can all be adapted to meet customer needs.