Reliable Degassing and Disposal

New vacuum pump for instrumental analysis

With the N 816, KNF has developed a diaphragm vacuum pump for instrumental analysis that is equally reliable whether it is being used for degassing or sample preparation purposes. This new pump will be presented at Analytica 2018 in Munich. KNF designed the N 816 in response to the growing demand in the market for durability and robustness. The key technical characteristics of this new diaphragm vacuum pump include a flow rate of up to 16 l/min and an ultimate vacuum of 100 mbar.

Effective Removal of Dissolved Air

Air bubbles in liquids have a detrimental effect on analytical accuracy, reproducibility and performance. When integrated into an analytical system, the N 816 contributes significantly to the precision of the analysis results by effectively removing these air bubbles.


Thanks to its outstanding durability even when in contact with very aggressive media, the N 816 is a long-lasting component. It also boasts extremely compact external dimensions for a pump with such a high level of performance. This means that it is easy to install even in analytical systems with very little spare space available.


Safe Disposal of Liquid Sample Waste

With its liquid and vacuum pumps, KNF covers all established methods for the transfer of liquid sample waste for professional disposal. The new N 816 vacuum pump is ideal for the indirect method using collecting containers.


As it is not possible to predict the chemical composition of the liquid waste, the pump head components that come into contact with the medium are made from the chemically resistant materials PPS, EPDM, PTFE or FFPM. The pump will not be damaged even by constant contact with humidity and condensate.


Thanks to its high level of performance, the N 816 ensures quick and reliable aspiration of liquids into a collecting container. Even multiple collecting containers can be filled with a single pump. The compact external dimensions also prove beneficial when integrating the pump into systems for waste disposal purposes.