Trouble-Free Jetting

KNF at Formnext, the worldwide leading exhibition for additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing using 3D printing technologies in product development and manufacturing has become indispensable. KNF has established itself as an adept partner in future technologies. At Formnext 2019, the world market leader will be presenting its highly customizable and precise diaphragm pumps.



Formnext is considered to be a worldwide leading exhibition in additive manufacturing, and this year, KNF will be exhibiting its products there for the first time. At booth B26 in hall 12.0, the manufacturer will show off its individualized pump solutions for 3D jetting processes, which ensure all of the functions required for continuous transfer of the binder, from transporting the binder to the print head to degassing, print head cleaning and purging to generating a vacuum for the meniscus effect. 


Thanks to the KNF modular system, all pumps can be adapted to customer-specific needs. The modular series models are durable, chemically resistant, suited to a multitude of media and low-maintenance.


For extra durability, the diaphragm pumps are equipped with digital brushless DC motors. As a result of in-house development as well as exclusive collaboration with a leading motor manufacturer, the pumps’ motors are perfectly attuned to the pumps themselves and are absolutely one-of-a-kind in their parameterizing abilities. KNF brushless motors exhibit complex operating profiles with comprehensive safety equipment, winning customers over with their energy efficiency, precise management of target values and easy digital control.


If you are interested in gaining a more detailed impression of KNF’s portfolio, you are invited to visit the KNF team at Formnext at Frankfurt’s exhibition center November 19–22.


Exhibition highlights

One highlight was the N 84.3 diaphragm gas pump, which reaches an impressive suction speed of up to 5 l/min even at extreme negative pressure with an ultimate vacuum of 7 mbar abs. This enables it to reliably remove gas dissolved in the binder (degassing). The N 84.3 is highly compatible with condensation and its compact design makes for simple system integration.


The NMP 03 micro diaphragm gas sampling pump is ideal for generating a vacuum at the print head and can rely on highly dynamic transfer to precisely regulate the meniscus effect. It offers low-vibration and low-pulsation performance and is highly chemically resistant thanks to PPS, EPDM or even FFKM.


Representing the diaphragm liquid pump sector, the FP 400 and the NF 60 will be on display in Frankfurt.  With a flow rate of up to 4.4 l/min, they transport the binder to the print head. Very low pulsation across the entire motor speed range as well as a chemically resistant design by virtue of materials such as EPDM, PTFE or even FFKM mean it can be used in a variety of situations. The highest available protection class is IP65.


The FL 10 diaphragm liquid pump is particularly suited for supplying solvents to the print head to clean it of impurities and clogging. Accordingly, it is highly chemically resistant and therefore ideal for use with extremely aggressive media. The pump is linearly adjustable and has a sideport for reliable hydraulic connection to the system. Moreover, its frequency-controlled flow-rate adjustment, a return flow protective design and its classification in protection class IP65 really make it stand out.